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Carbyne is a global leader in cloud-native, mission-critical emergency communications
center solutions, providing over 250M data points annually in a unified platform to
emergency response centers. Our technologies facilitate secure communication
between centers, callers, and connected devices without requiring a consumer app

Acknowledging the need for emergency communication to keep pace with modern technology, we ensure that the same conveniences we enjoy daily are accessible during crises. Through continuous innovation, our cloud-native platform guarantees dynamic urgent communications, facilitating swift responses to emergencies.

Through the power of our unified platform, we empower call centers to collect and distribute the right information precisely when it's needed most. This capability is particularly crucial for call centers reliant on live, ever-changing information. Moreover, we provide invaluable support to direct emergency response teams and enterprises that depend on real-time data and collaboration for critical decision-making.

Having studied the needs of emergency call takers, our primary goal is to furnish them with a platform that is not only reliable and fast but also intuitive, requiring minimal
clicks to operate. We actively address pain points such as short staffing, security vulnerabilities, outdated software, deteriorating citizen safety, and limited situational awareness, all while ensuring accurate caller location data.

Our expansive ecosystem of applications encompasses a diverse range of tools essential for effective emergency response, all housed within a single, comprehensive platform. Our portfolio of products and solutions include:

  • APEX: Serving as our flagship product, APEX stands at the forefront of cloud-native NG911 call handling solutions. It provides unparalleled capabilities to emergency communication centers, facilitating swift and accurate responses
  • Universe: Designed as an over-the-top solution, Universe enables seamless integration of Carbyne's advanced capabilities onto existing legacy systems. This allows organizations to leverage our cutting-edge technology without the need for extensive system overhauls.
  • Enterprise Connect: Our innovative emergency notification solution, Enterprise Connect, ensures effective local emergency response by promptly alerting designated personnel within an organization when an emergency call is made.
  • Bridge Desk: Engineered as an integrated command and control system, Bridge Desk offers real-time data collection, display, and alerts.
  • ECaaS (Emergency Communications as a Service): ECaaS provides organizations with the flexibility to seamlessly integrate Carbyne's proven technology into their existing workflows. This customizable solution enhances operational efficiency and maximizes the impact of emergency communication efforts.
  • Additional Applications: In addition to our core offerings, Carbyne offers a suite of applications tailored to meet the diverse needs of emergency communication centers. These include Responder Connect for streamlined communication among response teams, Wallboard for real-time data visualization, and Analytics for comprehensive insights into emergency call trends and performance metrics.
  • AI-Powered Capabilities: Leveraging the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, Carbyne's platform incorporates cutting-edge features such as live audio translation and emergency call triage. These capabilities enhance communication accessibility and efficiency, ensuring that every emergency call receives the attention it deserves.

At Carbyne, our overarching mission is to redefine emergency collaboration by bridging the gap between people, enterprises, and governments. Through our unified cloud-native solution, we empower emergency communication centers to manage crises with unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and confidence, ultimately saving lives and safeguarding communities.

last updated: March 2024