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Founded in 2004 in Europe (France), Intersec is a software vendor designing innovative and customer-centric products built on disruptive technology enabling fast data, mass communication, and AI-based decision. The Intersec platform crunches and consolidates in an optimized manner huge amounts of data coming from heterogeneous communication infrastructures and IT systems. It turns them into actionable insights in real-time within a rich portfolio of solutions ranging from Public Safety and Mission Critical domain, to Business-Critical applications and Analytics. Intersec has implemented 100+ solutions in 80+ countries around the world in the field of public safety, contextual marketing, geolocated advertising, smart cities management, and the management of connected object fleets (IoTs), covering almost 1 billion devices.

GeoSafe, a Public safety dedicated product line

GeoSafe covers three areas of activity incumbent upon authorities – public or private – responsible for the protection of people and property, in which Communication Service Providers (CSP) are key contributors:

  1. Public warning and crisis management for the safety of populations and communities
  2. Mobile tracking and investigations for law enforcement in a legal framework
  3. Emergency calls routing and geolocation for the preservation of life

“It takes more than a text to keep people safe”: GeoSafe PWS, a fully integrated emergency alert and crisis management solution

Intersec offers to the market a specialized software suite for crisis management and public alert requirements, GeoSafe PWS - Public Warning Systems. It addresses both the needs of public authorities, whether central and national or local and decentralized, and those particular of telecommunications operators involved in this global architecture of the public warning systems, either at a national or regional level. GeoSafe PWS suite can be deployed with four distinct and specialized products in an end-to-end, modern and integrated multi-layer architecture:

  1. GeoSafe Crisis Management, applicative public warning system for public bodies
  2. GeoSafe HUB, PWS-specialized multi-channel mediation solution
  3. GeoSafe MNO, Mobile carrier PWS via Cell Broadcast and LB-SMS, with analytics
  4. GeoSafe Public mobile app, Android and iOS application to alert and interact with populations

With the end-to-end GeoSafe PWS suite, qualified authorities with infrastructure communication operators are in a perfect position to disseminate alerts seamlessly throughout multiple complementary channels reaching close to 100% of the population, and benefit from live feedbacks from the field and the broadcasting operations. GeoSafe PWS enables effective and dynamic crisis management and preparedness to keep people safe.

This product line is enriched regularly with expertise acquired since more than a decade in developing and operating mass communications, graphic user interfaces, geolocation, big data and AI systems, in different parts of the world.

The Intersec commitment towards Public safety

  • Simple, reliable and relevant products designed to help protect people, in due respect to data privacy and protection, and regulations.
  • Modular, interoperable, and highly scalable products to be in position to fit closely and quickly to each customer needs, starting from their existing and accompanying them over time.
  • 17 years’ experience in the field of mass notifications, an excellent proven track record of long-term relationships, with low attrition from our customer base.

Intersec has been distinguished by numerous awards over the years, and is recognized for its highest quality standards. In 2020, Intersec was named the winner of a bronze Stevie® Award in the Business Technology Solution category in the 17th Annual International Business Awards® today with GeoSafe. Moreover, GeoSafe was also recognized in November 2020 Product of the Year at Business Intelligence Group’s BIG Award for Business. This annual program rewards companies, products and people that are leading their respective industries.

last updated: June 2021