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Founded in 2004, Intersec is a global pioneer in mobile data and location intelligence solutions, locating, tracking, and mapping 850 million mobile devices 24/7 for 65 customers in 45 countries. Its fast data platform allows public authorities and telecommunication companies to turn massive amounts of cellular data into actionable insights, in real-time.

GeoSafe by Intersec is a rich portfolio of public safety and mission-critical ready-made solutions, including:

  1. Public warning system (PWS) and crisis management
  2. Emergency calls location and routing
  3. Lawful access to locations (LALS) for LEAs

Leading PWS provider in the European Union

  • Leading PWS provider in the European Union, covering 28% of the EU population (France, Germany, Portugal, Croatia)
  • A strong proponent of combining Cell Broadcast and Location-Based SMS to communicate much more effectively with the population and stay ahead of the crisis management
  • A fully integrated and modular national public warning architecture, at both governments and mobile carriers levels
  • Future-proof and scalable platform, ready to integrate Galileo EWS
  • Tailored for both on-premises deployments and Cloud/SaaS model

“We were attracted by the completeness of Intersec's solution, by its experience in delivering messages on a very large scale depending on the real-time location of recipients, and by the willingness of its teams to keep this solution at the cutting edge of technology over the years to come."  - Romain Moutard, Program Director, French Ministry of the Interior

Emergency calls: the most advanced positioning engine on the market

  • To deliver the best accuracy to PSAPs, Intersec orchestrates its extensive stack of location technologies including GMLC, SMLC, SAS, e-SMLC, LMF, real-time passive geolocation, LRF/RDF, CLF, and AML Gateway.
  • Our emergency call location solution combines multidimensional cellular and non-cellular locating capabilities to provide emergency services and first responders with critical, up-to-date information, allowing them to save more lives. It complements the AML technology in any case, reducing blind spots.
  • Intersec has been recognized by Gartner in 2022 as a key location intelligence player

Intersec at a glance:

  • Founded in 2004
  • 150 employees around the world
  • 18 years of telco experience
  • 850 million mobile devices located 24/7
  • 65 customers in 45 countries
  • The most comprehensive set of location techniques on the market
  • Privacy by design
  • Simplicity, reliability, relevancy
  • Modular, interoperable, and highly scalable solutions
  • 5G-ready platform powered by AI and fast data
  • Network-vendor agnostic
  • Compatible with any cellular network design

last updated: December 2022