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Founded in 2004, Intersec is the European leader in telecom metadata and location intelligence solutions. Our solutions guide telecom operators and public authorities in their data-driven revolution. Our 75 clients in 50 countries leverage our instruments to locate and map nearly one billion mobile devices 24/7, and our public warning solutions cover 30% of the population in the European Union.

GeoSafe by Intersec is a rich portfolio of public safety  solutions, including:

  1. Early warning and public alert systems (EWS/PWS)
  2. Situational awareness and crisis management solutions
  3. Emergency call location and routing

Public warning: the uncontested leader in the European Union

  • 30%+ of the EU population: France, Germany, Portugal, Croatia, Luxembourg, Austria;
  • A supporter of using Cell Broadcast and Location-Based SMS together to communicate more effectively, before, during, and after the crisis;
  • A fully integrated and modular national warning architecture: we tailor projects at both government and mobile carrier levels through on-premises deployments and Cloud/SaaS mode;
  • A scalable platform, ready to integrate Galileo  EWSS – Emergency Warning Satellite Service.

“We were attracted by the completeness of Intersec's solution, by its experience in delivering messages on a very large scale depending on the real-time location of recipients, and by the willingness of its teams to keep this solution at the cutting edge of technology over the years to come."  - Romain Moutard, Program Director, French Ministry of the Interior

Real-time situational awareness for Disaster Preparedness and Response (DPR)

As a member of the United Nations ITU group, Intersec believes in an all-of-society and whole-of-government approach to harness the expertise of all public safety stakeholders to meet the Early Warning For All initiative’s 2027 target for universal coverage. Intersec brings hazard proactive monitoring, warning dissemination, and response capabilities:

  • A digital twin of the in-situ field situation, in real-time and at scale to guide field operations and generate rapid decisions;
  • Real-time population heatmaps and instant triggering of automated actions in line with each crisis scenario;
  • Designed for private enterprises and governmental bodies, including municipalities and inter-municipal organizations.

Emergency calls: the most advanced positioning engine on the market

By combining an extensive catalog of geolocation technologies over the years, Intersec provides unequaled levels of location accuracy to streamline emergency response.

  1. Locate anyone precisely: anytime, anywhere, any device. Maximize accuracy and reliability by combining network-based location and AML, in line with the 2022 European Commission directive;
  2. Route the caller’s location instantly and accurately to the most relevant PSAP. Benefit from reliable and consistent routing using the mobile network cell cartography;
  3. Minimize vertical response time of the emergency units by providing the most precise dispatchable location information, including human-reading addresses.

last updated: December 2023