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Airbus group is a large entity with 130,000 employees and truly global presence. Roots of Airbus are strongly in Europe. Airbus is operating in many different business areas with wide portfolio. These business areas include e.g. the following ones : commercial aircraft, helicopters, military aircraft, UAVs, satellites, satellite launchers, security solutions e.g. for border security, satellite communication solutions, cyber security and critical communication solutions. The customer base is also wide, including e.g. air carriers, defence organisations, security organisations and public safety.

Public safety customer base is forming a community consisting of the following key user groups : police and law enforcement, fire and rescue, emergency medical services, customs, borderguard, coastguard and drug enforcement agencies.

Airbus has created a large global public safety customer base during the past 30 years. Most of these customers are located in Europe and Middle East. Long experience and understanding of customers’ operational processes are forming an excellent basis for addressing future needs of public safety organizations with new technologies and applications.

Airbus has wide portfolio for public safety. This portfolio combines assetts from different operational areas like multimedia communication based on Tetra/Tetrapol/4G technologies, cyber security, image analytics and applications, open source intelligence, drones and UTM, IoT, satellite communication and situational awareness.

last updated: July 2020