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Airbus group is a global company with 130000 employees with locations and customers all over the world with strong European roots.

Airbus is operating in many different business areas with wide portfolio. These business areas include: commercial aircraft, helicopters, military aircraft, UAVs, imagery, observation and communication satellites, satellite launchers, border security, C4ISR defense solution, cybersecurity, critical communication solutions. The customer base is also wide, including commercial aviation, defence organizations, security and public safety organizations.

Public safety customer base is forming a community consisting of the following key user groups: police and law enforcement, fire and rescue, emergency medical services, customs, borderguard, coastguard and drug enforcement agencies.

Airbus portfolio for public safety is based on key components including:

  • voice and messaging oriented critical communication solutions based on Tetra/Tetrapol technologies (networks, terminals, management systems, services), Mission Critical Communication solution  over 4/5 G Commercial Networks (Tactilon Agnet, Secure MVNO), SatComms,
  • a portfolio of situational awareness applications, AVL, Public Warning solutions, recording and dispatching solutions.

The full offering for public safety customers is constructed by combining public safety specific portfolio components and other Airbus assets like cyber security, Big data and intelligence application suite, Satellite imagery, VoIP Telephony solutions.

Pioneering the future in Critical Communications for Public Safety, Defense, Transport and utilities

With an installed base of 19 Nationwide Land Mobile Radio Networks, more than 30 networks for local authorities and defense forces, over 100 metro lines and 20 airports equipped, 2 million daily users in 80 countries, Airbus has been demonstrating its unique know how in Land Critical Radio-Communication Networks for almost 30 years, connecting field users and Emergency Command Centers via TETRA / TETRAPOL digital PMR solutions.

Building on this outstanding experience and resolutely turned towards the future, Airbus built a full set of solution and products (Agnet® family)  and services to propose a nominal path to evolve from current 2G PMR Networks to Secured Mission Critical Communication over 4G/5G networks:

  • Seamless Integration including an hybrid phase, where TETRAPOL/TETRA and Mission Critical Communications  LTE/4G/5G are used together (Agnet 800, PMR Agnet Gateway, Tactilon Management),
  • Mission Critical Communication Services and applications  over 4G/5G : Agnet AS, Agnet Mobile, Agnet Dispatcher,
  • Open Interfaces and support services to 3rd party  to develop mobile or control room applications (Agnet Service API, SmarTWISP),
  • Service Operator: as a telco integrator, Airbus builds and operates, a secure full MVNO solution including Mission Critical Communication services,
  • A wide range of Mobile Terminals  and accessories,
  • A leading integrator to support customers in the migration phase, ensuring a deep integration of Business Critical applications over this new communication solution.

last updated: December 2022