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INdigital Company Description

INdigital, established in 1995, is a full-service public safety communications service provider dedicated to addressing the unique needs of 9-1-1 emergency services. We provide comprehensive public safety solutions from the ground up, including full software specification development, Next Generation (NG) system design, in-house software development, integration, testing, operation, and monitoring oversight from the handset to the headset. Through our collaboration with integrated business partners, we deliver true turn-key NG systems that meet the demands of the public and the professionals who serve them.

Our suite of advanced applications, developed through extensive research and development, planning, design, and successful implementation, includes:

  • Fully Integrated Location Service: Enhances the accuracy and speed of locating emergency callers, ensuring swift and precise emergency response.
  • Next Generation Core Services: Emergency voice, video, and text call routing utilising geographical data to route emergency calls to the appropriate PSAP, improving efficiency and response times.
  • ESInet: A robust Emergency Services IP Network that supports the delivery of 911 calls.
  • Text-for-911: A platform that allows the PSAP to add non-voice (SMS) communication to existing E9-1-1 services, providing text to and from 9-1-1 services with language translation capabilities.
  • PSAP Disaster Recovery: Ensures continuous operation and swift recovery in case of disasters.

Our unwavering commitment to innovation and customization sets INdigital apart from our peers. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we tailor our solutions to adapt to the distinct challenges of older systems and unique installations that other companies might find daunting. Our ability to integrate seamlessly with legacy systems and our pioneering technology positions us as the go-to provider for comprehensive public safety solutions.

At INdigital, our goal is to provide reliable, cutting-edge solutions that ensure the safety and security of the communities we serve. We want our potential clients to know that with INdigital, they have a partner dedicated to excellence, innovation, and unwavering support in the realm of public safety.

last updated: July 2024