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Comtech Technologies

Comtech is a leading global provider of next-generation emergency systems and secure wireless communications technologies to commercial and government customers. From dense urban environments to regional and national deployments, Comtech designs, develops and deploys state-of-the-art communications solutions for public safety. Comtech’s innovative solutions support thousands of agencies affecting millions of lives globally.

Comtech’s emergency communications solutions are built on 40 years of research and innovation in the application of advanced hardware and software technologies for public safety. Purpose-built for public safety, Comtech’s next-generation (NG) platforms provide modular, scalable solutions that seamlessly migrate legacy emergency communications operations to modern European Emergency Number Association (EENA) standards.

Comtech combines cloud-based caller location services with mapping and real-time data to provide a complete next-generation communications solution for public safety on a global scale. Emergency communication centers need accurate, quality, and holistic location data to respond to public safety calls for service. Comtech’s platforms provide the most accurate location data available with caller information, real-time traffic, weather, routing, and public information into a single common operating picture. Comtech also has a wireless emergency alert solution that is currently employed by governments worldwide.

Streamlining processes and collecting critical information in emergency situations, Comtech’s portfolio of public safety solutions and location technologies have been developed in accordance with rigorous industry standards and offer flexible, adaptable architectures that will scale to any organization’s needs or EENA requirements. Comtech has a wide variety of solutions which include, but are not limited to:

  • Virtual Mobile Location Center (vMLC) - Our Xypoint® Virtual Mobile Location Center (vMLC) is a standards-compliant, commercially-available system used for the location of mobile devices connected to 2G, 3G, 4G-LTE, 5G NGC, and Wi-Fi networks. It is particularly applicable to public safety service providers and commercial applications.
  • RF Signature Processing (RFSP) - Our RFSP solution offers complementary performance in situations where other location technologies fail for many reasons, for instance, poor A-GPS coverage, device restrictions on allowed positioning methods, and lack of A-GPS capability in the device. This is especially useful in public safety, law enforcement, and a game-changer for commercial applications.
  • Advanced Mobile Location (AML) - Our Advanced Mobile Location (AML) solution leverages device-based position estimates to support Emergency Responders. It can be deployed either standalone or enhanced with our network-based Location Platforms.
  • Comtech Passive Location - Real-time location that requires no device or network signaling and supports the most popular value-added services for application providers and provides turn-key location-based marketing and public safety solutions.
  • Solacom Call Handling — The most flexible multimedia emergency call management solution for Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP). Specifically engineered to streamline 9-1‑1 call handling and processing, the IP-based solution enables the real-time collection of critical voice, text, data, and video information, and speed delivery of rich situational awareness data to first response teams.
  • Solacom Insights — A reporting and analytics application specifically designed to assist call taker staff to know their operations so they can better plan and manage their workloads.
  • Solacom Messenger — Readies call takers with the ability to collect, process and share previously unavailable live incident information such as text, photos, and video via short message service (SMS)/multimedia messaging service (MMS), from one integrated desktop.
  • Solacom Cybersecurity — A turnkey, enterprise-grade service that combines a deep understanding of public safety operations with expertise and technologies from leading IT security companies designed to combat and protect operations against potential cybersecurity threats.
  • SmartResponse™ — Real-time situational awareness in a common operating picture for security agencies and first responders using intuitive geospatial mapping interface and location intelligence to increase the efficiency of first responders in emergency situations.
  • Comtech Maps — Empowers first responders with an extensive library of map data that can be extended with customer overlays providing additional contextual data. This solution is tailored to any organization’s needs.
  • Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) — Enables government officials to inform the public about life-threatening events by automatically delivering emergency alerts to mobile devices using the government alert gateway.

Comtech’s suite of dependable public safety solutions provides complete, end-to-end call control designed to manage emergency communications, from any device, at any time, from anywhere, and in any format — voice, data, or video. Our network-to-desktop solutions are built and designed for IP-based call routing, IP-based Customer Premise(s) Equipment (CPE) and database systems, and for converging traditional voice and data into the network.

Comtech has achieved many industry firsts in North America including being the first to deploy a statewide NG system followed by deploying the first province-wide NG system in Canada. Globally, Comtech completed the first continent-wide NG system deployment in Australia.

Comtech builds connectivity that sets ideas free. Comtech stands ready to improve public safety and security in Europe and worldwide.

last updated: November 2022