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LiveReader GmbH

1. Introduction of your company.

We turn hurdles into opportunities
At LiveReader, we research pioneering technologies based on AI and use them to create products that can be used across all professional fields. Based on the possibilities of natural language processing and natural language understanding, we have put AI at the service of rescue.


2. What are your company’s specific characteristics; what makes you different to your peers.

We turn the latest research findings directly into practical solutions. As a fresh, wide-awake company, we react quickly to the needs of our customers and adapt flexibly to the constantly changing technological landscape. We have no rigid processes - only dynamic solutions. Our team combines deep scientific expertise with the freshness of an energetic company.


3. Detailed overview of the solutions your company offers. Please provide explanations on the
specific products and services your company offers.

Evolving the future with us. Our AI technologies ALTERNIS and NOTITIA individually bring a breath of fresh air to the industry. But hold on tight: Together, they can cause a storm of enthusiasm.

ALTERNIS- connects cultures, translates moments. It´s an AI-supported software for the simultaneous translation of major world languages. Do you remember Babelfish - a small fish-like universal translator from the novel "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"? This is no longer fiction, but a solution called ALTERNIS (Latin: in exchange, in dialog). It works on the base of natural language processing.

ALTERNIS speaks 42+ world languages.

After the first 4 words, the spoken language is automatically recognized.

Each conversation partner receives a live translation into their own native language.

Each conversation partner can also reply in their own language. Simultaneous translation takes place automatically for the other participants in their respective national language.

It is well known that the human ear can misunderstand something. This natural error rate is approx. 5%. ALTERNIS works with a rate of only 4-7%.

And now think about the possibilities for emergency calls…


Success is the result of the right decisions [MARC REKLAU]

Combine Alternis with Notitia if you can stand the success.

With NOTITIA (Latin: knowledge), we have developed an avantgarde technology to enable forwardlooking collaboration between humans and AI on the base of a natural language understanding. We simply combine the strengths of both partners: humans and artificial intelligence. This can result in +32 (0)2 534 97 89 1A0v6e0n uBer udses elals T, oBieslogniu dm'O r, 79 a force that will point the way forward for your day-to-day business operations. Have you ever wished for an artificial colleague, someone who thinks along with you, supports you with upcoming tasks and can take over simple tasks or at least support you with complex tasks?

This is possible with NOTITIA, a system that enables collaborative work based on shared knowledge and taking rules and laws into account. AI can provide far-reaching support for decisions to be made and relieve the burden of time-consuming everyday tasks.


4. What you would like your potential clients to know about you.

At LiveReader, we work together with internationally active partners. Our AI technology can be easily integrated into existing systems. You don't have to start from scratch. Get on board and experience the boost. We're ready when you are.


5. Any other piece of information that you find relevant.

We have received the official seal of independent research and development expertise from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

last updated: June 2024