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Sfera, JSC

Sfera, JSC is a Russian system integrator, software and information systems developer. It specializes in the automation of business processes of public authorities and industrial companies since 1992. Main business areas are development and implementation of software; creation of IT infrastructure, multi-service networks, automated engineering systems; project consulting, including documentation development and maintenance. Sfera, JSC has all the necessary licenses to accomplish various tasks regarding automation and information security systems in Russia. We make our priority to give our customers IT-solutions that satisfy the actual need in high quality performance while executing their business functions. In doing so we are open to new solutions and does not confine only to the areas of expertise.

Expertise in Emergency

Sfera, JSC completed more than 10 turnkey projects building the 112 system in various regions of Russia. The created systems serve more than 20 million people and receive more than 100 thousand calls a day. The largest of them — the system 112 of the Moscow region — serves more than 10 million people and receives up to 50 thousand calls a day. We offer services for building various emergency response systems in Russia and the former USSR countries. Apart from the 112 call systems we’ve got solutions for a safe city, utilities, large industrial companies and infrastructure facilities and other businesses that have their own dispatchers and response resources.

Detailed overview of the solution

The basis for the solutions we offer is a specialized platform for building emergency response systems.

The main characteristics of the platform are:

• communications, workflow support and resource management are combined in one suite and interconnected

• voice call handling, data transfer and radio communication in a single system for receiving calls, taking decisions and resource management

• multi-protocol and multi-channel processing of signals from various alarms

• decision support in emergency situations

The stated features allow all the systems based on the platform to:

• search operators by certain criteria (e.g. language)

• decrease time of response due to call allocation and prioritizing

• speed up emergency identification through interview and classification

• make data immediately available to all participants due to single information space

• ensure immediate dispatch of the most appropriate resources with the necessary equipment and skills

• check the real-time information on resource status and location

• have a log of all actions and negotiations

• control the actions of the operator and dispatcher

• process signals of change in the situation and emergency by screening from cameras close to the incident or mobile cameras of the crew

The benefits of the platform that we offer to our customers are:

• tested product, used by emergency services in many countries

• use of serial equipment

• long-term development prospects

• regular updates with new functions

• technical support

last updated: July 2020