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Salute Solutions Oy

We are developing a messenger, one of the functions of which is the organization of first aid by volunteers located near the scene of the accident.

Our main focus is on motorists. The importance of attracting trained road accident bystanders is marked by WHO in its regular road safety reports.

In collaboration with eCall and dispatch centers (PSAPs) that received a call about the incident, Salute allows sending this information as a Salute message to volunteers who are located near the scene of the incident. The Salute message also contains additional information for communication with professional medics for exchanging relevant data about the accident.

Such collaboration allows providing quality first aid before the arrival of a professional rescue team and getting actual pieces of information from the scene.

Our volunteers can be anyone who has been trained in first aid. Messenger Salute allows you to send messages to users based on their location. Thus, it is ensured that only those who are nearby (~ 10 km) and have the necessary skills for helping will receive Salute emergency messages.

last updated: July 2020