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SafeTracer FastFactsSOS


SafeTracer FastFactsSOS Is A Female-Led, Emergency Public Safety, Accessible Telecommunications, Technology Solutions Company. 

Our intellectual properties provide mobile device users with multiple on and off screen easy, intentional, safe and protective ways to communicate any SOS message expediently. The first company focused on empowering the smartphone and wearable EMERGENCY CALLERS THEMSELVES with error-preventing lifesaving communication tools. Patented safety features make SafeTracer FastFactsSOS’ update of the “caller-side” of the mobile emergency call easier and errorless in: dialing, device location and caller communications. 

The intellectual properties (IP) that make SafeTracer FastFactsSOS unique are our super simple multiple communication technologies, all inclusively designed to protect, locate and save every mobile emergency caller, without causing butt dials or allowing unknown caller hang-ups. Licensing our IP, corporations can now private-label and implement their own SOS INTERACTIVE AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ASSISTED USER INTERFACES, THAT CAN NOT BE BUTT DIALED, AND ENSURE THE SOS IS TRANSMITTED BEFORE ANY CALL ENDS. As the only public safety firm providing tools to enable equal protection globally for emergency callers directly on their SOS screens that can’t be clicked, swiped or dialed by accident - SafeTracer FastFactSOS is ready to license these patents and start saving more lives. While there are many companies occupying the first responder technology space, SafeTracer FastFactsSOS is the only firm to date that is devoted exclusively to the user experience of the end user, the actual individual mobile EMERGENCY CALLER USER INTERFACES, and making sure everyone can communicate their SOS fast, safely and securely, every time.

Butt Dials, Hang-Ups and Silent Callers… 

Problems Mobile Device USERS and Emergency Services Both Hate 

and SafeTracer’s Simple Trace-A-Shape Technology Solves

No one wants to butt dial Emergency 112 or 911 and have to answer questions; or better yet, have the police show-up these days unexpectedly because of an unintentionally sent SOS. There is a need for a change to today’s standard universal mobile Emergency and SOS caller user interfaces. Currently the default Emergency and SOS user interfaces enable problematic butt dials, silent calls, unknown caller hangups and abandoned calls 35% of the time globally; SafeTracer solves these issues. 

According to the European Emergency Number Association’s (EENA) 2020 research  New documents:   False, silent, hang-up & abandoned emergency calls: “False emergency calls affect all emergency services, diverting resources away from people who need urgent help. This can mean the difference between life and death for someone in trouble. Call-takers are well trained to handle 112 emergency calls. However, if calls to 112 are silent, or if the caller hangs up or abandons the call, how can these professionals know if the call is an emergency? The number of these calls is enormous (39% on average in Europe according to this 2020 study and 30% on average in the USA according to the Federal Communications Commission and Google’s 2015 research), and the vast majority are not genuine emergency calls.”

SafeTracer Fast FactsSOS’ IP Allows For SOS Caller Validation 

Without User-Tech Errors Causing Unintended Calls 

Costing Public Safety Billions Of Dollars Of Valuable Time 

EENA’s research recommendation,”In this document, some situations linked with silent, hang-up and abandoned calls can be regarding real emergencies. Calling-back is not always useful, and in some cases, it can even make the situation worse. The only way to solve this kind of situation is by allowing access to 112 through means of communication other than voice call, without additional overload of PSAPs with false emergency calls.” 

SafeTracer FastFactsSOS will provide EQUAL PROTECTION TO ALL MOBILE DEVICE USERS. In Europe, India, Africa, USA and beyond... every mobile emergency caller deserves the right to be located and the right to communicate in their usual and customary way. It shouldn’t matter if the emergency communications center or the public safety answering point had the budget money and training time or not to update their internal tech, every mobile emergency caller deserves what they expect, to be located and understood by emergency services.

Touch or Preloaded Motions and Repeatable Sounds Provide Accessible and Real-Life-Usable 

Emergency Communication Features To ALL Mobile SOS Technology Users, 

Helping 20% More People To Communicate On An Emergency or Disaster Call 

Over 1 Billion People With Disabilities. Domestic Violence and Suicides Are Rising Sharply. There isn’t a PSAP or emergency call center in the world that can’t answer a phone call: this is why people that can’t hear, move or see to speak with emergency dispatchers safely, need other options that SafeTracer FastFactsSOS’ tech provides. EENA’s Emergency Services Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities 2020 Study states: “Disability affects a high proportion of the population, but many countries still do not provide accessible emergency services. Limited communications options can leave persons with disabilities in particularly dangerous situations in times of emergency.This situation is nevertheless changing, as recent European Union legislation (European Electronic Communications Code) requires equivalent access to emergency services through a shift from emergency calls to emergency communications. This addresses the need to provide services beyond voice calls, such as [] text messaging and total conversation.”

The Deadline For (Emergency 112) Transposition Of The Text Is 21 December 2020.

Two way call-texting, with translation by region, is an integral part of SafeTracer FastFactsSOS’ patented process. Researched, designed and disability user tested to help empower each caller with everyday typical tools to help protect themselves during their most stressful moments of an emergency. 

As Neil Milliken, A World Leader In Accessibility And Inclusive Technologies

For Atos, The Valuable 500, World Institute On Disability, and Co-Founder of AXSChat Explains The Need: 

“Everyone deserves equal access to emergency services which is why solutions like SafeTracer FastFastsSOS are important to ensure that people who most need support can get it even if they cannot talk or text.”

Wendy Mandell Geller, SafeTracer LLC’s Disabled CEO, Is A Revolutionary Solutionist 

Always Developing Ways To Help Better Society With Her Simple, But Useful Tech. 

SafeTracer FastFactsSOS has the simplest, universal public safety accessible technology, ready to save and equally protect ALL USERS OF MOBILE DEVICES that call, need to text or communicate a silent message to 112 or 911 etc. emergency services. Currently looking for the right company to partner with, a partner that cares enough to help license SafeTracer FastFactsSOS CEO Wendy Mandell Geller’s Distress Transmission patents. These multiple patents provide the key to the rights to modernize and make the emergency caller user experience equal and accessible for everyone to use everywhere, while ending some of the most costly emergency first responder problems. Contact Wendy directly to discuss how working together we can make the world a much safer place to live in, while saving the public safety sector billions of dollars a year on emergency caller human errors and accessible communication difficulties. 

last updated: December 2020