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SafeTracer, a Hybrid Calls Company


Looking for patented disability inclusive accessible tech that can scale? 

Excel with the Hybrid Calls.

Keep people calling Emergency 112 or 911 by empowering them with better communication tools. These tools easily help Callers listen and respond safely to Emergency Services and on Suicide Hotlines, anytime they call.

There are 3.5 billion smartphone Caller screens to update with Hybrid Calls. These disabled female designed and utility patented technologies are ready to help your company prepare every Caller with: lifesaving and time saving universal Emergency or Disaster necessary communication tools. Hybrid Calls with SafeTracer and FastFactsSOS tech provide the mobile Emergency Caller user experience people need: with captions of what the Emergency dispatcher is saying and customized Caller controlled talking shapes, talking icons and text to talk response features.

On every call backed by Hybrid Calls tech, empower ALL of your users to listen and respond in their preferred everyday ways. This licensable tech benefits the future of accessible telecommunications. Everyone can use this safely and equally, especially the 1 billion people, $8 trillion dollar market value strong, disabled community and their care takers, that need to be included in every mobile tech Caller product design consideration, especially the SOS Call globally.

Today all smartphone users face the same frustrating problems with the standard 10-year-old Caller screens.





The same outdated mobile Caller screens appear when dialling and talking to your mom, a company or on an Emergency Call showing: mute, keypad, speaker, add call, FaceTime or video, contacts and an end the call button.

Time to rethink 112 or 911 dialling, caller responses, personal fact sharing controls, and having to talk to respond and hear to understand during mobile phone calls. Why? The hardest Emergency Caller issues to face have been ignored by big tech and public safety telecommunications…

OVER 1 BILLION PEOPLE HAVE A DISABILITY: On mobile phone calls does your company leave out the 466 million people that can’t hear? What about the millions of people that can’t speak, or prefer not to talk to respond?

50% INCREASE IN ABUSE IN MANY COMMUNITIES: 1/4 of women and 1/10 men experience partner violence that is difficult to report safely. This rate rose during COVID to about 50% for people marginalized by disabilities, citizenship status, race and gender.

60% INCREASE IN SUICIDE RATE OF KIDS AGES 10-24: Since 2007 suicide rates in children have escalated 60% according to the CDC. Let's ensure that every Suicidal Caller can hear a calming voice while expressing themselves in their favoured everyday way, which may or may not be talking.

39% OF EMERGENCY MOBILE CALLS ARE ACCIDENTAL ACCORDING TO THE EUROPEAN EMERGENCY NUMBER ASSOCIATION’S 2020 STUDY: This wastes billions of dollars on first responders time and efforts following up on butt dials and unknown caller hangups.

68% OF YOUNGER USERS PREFER TEXTING TO TALKING: The public safety telephony sector needs to update caller interactive screens to empower all ages to communicate optimally, in all types of situations.

Hybrid Calls is the accessible user-friendly tech leading to the telecommunications solutions your company can build to save more lives and protect more victims. Start excelling in your mobile telephony user experiences, don't exclude, INCLUDE EVERYONE.

Does your company’s tech ignore the massive percentage of our population that prefers texting to talking? Or people that can’t talk to respond, can’t hear on a call, or have difficulty understanding just by listening?

Do Emergency callers get frustrated with having to respond to questions being asked? What about when they don’t know the answers, like what’s your location? Or they can’t open a link or a download and read the information on the screen accurately? What about when callers are asked to repeat their information or situation over and over as they are transferred between departments?

Hybrid Calls tech helps your company fix all the things users hate about Emergency phone calls and makes calls fully accessible and real life usable, whenever Callers use your mobile OS, product or app.

The following are SafeTracer, FastFactsSOS and Hybrid Calls’ proprietary features that empower people to dial, speak, listen and answer in their favored tech ways on any call:

SOS Anywhere Button - SafeTracer - Talking Shapes 

Intentionally trace a shape, trace part of a shape, or trace a hidden shape - to send or dial and read, what is programmed. Discretion and obfuscation for safety.

Talking Personal Fact Icons

Tap icons during calls to read any preloaded personal information, situational facts or the Caller’s location aloud clearly and/or privately. The “repeat what I last said” icon helps Caller’s in distress repeat themselves if they get transferred to another department.

Captions and Text To Talk

Who is talking is captioned and indicated, so muting the Emergency 112 first responder dispatcher via a Ssshhh! icon is now possible, but not muting the Caller side. Text responses are read aloud or discreetly. Everything can be translated by region.

Program A Phrase or Sound To Transmit Data

Record a phrase or sound that when repeated by user, it transmits personal or situational data and/or a message to the user’s intended audience, openly or discreetly.

Customizable, Interactive, Visual Mobile Menu Of Automated Responses

If there are certain additional questions your region’s Emergency Services need to ask every caller, these questions and their choice of answers are displayed on the Caller’s screen. Caller’s click their chosen responses to be read aloud or discreetly for them.

World Leaders and Safety Advocates Talk About The Urgent Need For Hybrid Calls' SOS Tech

Neil Milliken, Co-Founder of AXSChat, Global Head of Accessibility At Atos, Board Of World Institute On Disability:

”Everyone deserves equal access to their best means of communication on a phone call, which is why solutions like SafeTracer’s Hybrid Calls are important to ensure that people who most need support can get it, even if they cannot talk or text.” 

Debra Ruh, CEO of Ruh Global, US Valuable 500, Co-founder AXSChat, Chairwoman Billion Strong

“I mean everybody needs this obviously!”

Candy Miller, Director of Public Safety, Chief Public Safety Advisor of Hybrid Calls: 

“Emergency First Responder Dispatchers worldwide face the same stressful lifesaving problems with mobile devices: silent callers, locating every caller, understanding callers, receiving medical information, those time costing accidental calls and hang-ups. Hybrid Calls’ features are the only global solution. Companies should not wait for a mandate to get on board.”

Lisa Cruz With Grandma Z, Advocate for SOS Hybrid Calls In Mobile Devices Globally As Necessary Protection For Victims: 

“A bathroom or bedroom door will not keep an abuser or a burglar from hearing their victim whispering responses to Emergency’s questions. Victims of all ages of domestic violence, child abuse and crimes, need to be able to discreetly dial and ask police to come to their location, then have all signs of the SOS mobile call or text disappear. Hybrid Calls would give me great peace of mind if the tech was on my Dominican Republic abuela’s and my U.S. Android smartphones!"

Robert Telson, Lead Deaf Accessibility Advisor Of Hybrid Calls:
“I was born deaf. Having an accessible speech free and hearing free mobile caller user experience with Hybrid Calls allows my disability community to call: not only the fire, ambulance, police and help hotlines – but any place for that matter – just like everyone else does every time. My hearing Gen Z kids, my 95-year-old dad, and anyone calling a friend, business or a hospital that wants to talk or listen using multiple senses, will benefit with Hybrid Calls.”

Wendy Mandell Geller, Hybrid Calls CEO and inventor, is now introducing her disability inclusive accessible utility patented Caller technologies to software, telecom and operating systems companies for implementation.

As a female disabled CEO herself, Wendy takes pride in the advances in tech she offers to excel full inclusion and accessibility for Callers that have disabilities, as well as ALL other Caller’s in difficult or dangerous circumstances. Increase your mobile devices' Emergency 112 caller usability with at least more callers, all able to communicate in their regular everyday way, without extra steps. Make your SOS and Emergency callers' tech to dial, talk, hear and respond 100% universally accessible and simple. Hybrid Calls applied technologies put multi dialing and communication tools on EVERY mobile caller’s interfaces. License your company's next modern mobile caller user experiences with Hybrid Calls, and get everyone hearing, understanding and able to respond safely on every mobile Emergency phone call.

Set a CEO Chat with Wendy Mandell Geller: Always happy to discuss the valuable benefits of SafeTracer, FastFactSOS' and Hybrid Calls' patented simple Emergency Caller, and everyday Caller functionality tools. The telephone call is officially back in style, with Hybrid Calls sporting captions, mobile menus, privacy talking icons and danger protective tools. How can you succeed with these inclusive scalable telecommunications technologies? Let's start the conversation about Hybrid Calls integrating with your company’s tech.

last updated: June 2021