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Live stream video for emergency services

Incendium has been working with live stream video for emergency services for a whole decade, and we are now the preferred supplier to emergency call centres in Scandinavia.

We’ve developed IncidentShare SMS-to-Video, which gives the emergency call centre the possibility of sending a text message with a link to the caller and then receiving video images directly from the caller’s phone. A live video feed is thus created between the caller and the first responders within a few seconds.

Our software has been developed in close cooperation with emergency call centres, fire services and police forces, and we now have a product that is second to none in terms of providing value for first responders.

We believe that by challenging the way we communicate, we can create greater common understanding and security in everyday life.

Fast, easy add-on for emergency calls

Our solution is really extremely simple. It’s called IncidentShare SMS-to-Video, and it is entirely browser-based, with an intuitive structure. In practice, this means that the set-up can be in operation for you within a few days. IncidentShare rapidly establishes a live video feed directly to first responders (ambulances, paramedics, etc.), who can thereby see the situation with their own eyes. This allows them to mentally prepare for the task they have been called out for, and to provide correct advice on the basis of the live video before they reach the site of the accident.

The proven solution

IncidentShare is the result of a comprehensive collaboration with leading emergency services in Scandinavia since 2012, through which we have delivered live streaming solutions. Our team of dedicated in-house developers is continuously improving the solution in close dialogue with our users.

The software is scalable and may be used as it is without further adjustment, but it can also work with existing setups. It comes with built-in integration for a variety of VMS industry standard systems. If this is not sufficient we also have a strong API, so there is great integration flexibility.

All of the communication takes place via secure, lightning-fast encrypted channels. The solution can be run at your own premises, or via our secure hosting environment in Frankfurt or Denmark. In other words, you can be completely secure with regard to personal data.

Video saves lives!

The average duration of a video call to the emergency call centres is three minutes – and that has proved enough to save lives. We supply a software solution that our partners describe as value-adding for their work.

Not only does IncidentShare help to save lives – it also makes it possible to prioritise resources. Emergency call operators find that video calls can change their perception of the situation, and have led to scaling the operations down or up. As a result, ambulances and rescue helicopters can be sent to where they are most needed.

Call centre decisions can be made on a more secure basis when video is available from the caller, and this improves the working environment. SMS-to-Video provides a simple, fast and effective way to obtain an overview and alleviate a stressful situation, and it helps to reassure the caller when a professional is watching along with them.

Incendium has two offices in Denmark and has been growing continuously since 2013 – for the past three years with an average revenue increase of 50%. We stand proud as the market leader in Scandinavia.

last updated: December 2022