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EMERES is a Canadian based company that offers a world class, emergency call handling and dispatch solution designed to meet the needs of 9-1-1 multi-agency services as well as single Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS agencies worldwide. The product offering is in constant evolution to incorporate innovative customer driven demands, industry best practices and Public Safety standards.

EMERES solution key attributes and differentiators:

  • Unique Fault Tolerant Architecture
  • Field Proven Multi-Agency / Multi-Jurisdiction / Multi-Site Scalability
  •  Extensive Configurability and Adaptability
  • NG911 Softphone, CAD and GIS developed and maintained by EMERES
  • Feature Rich - Industry Standards Compliant
  • Extensive Interface Capability / Adaptability
  • System Health Monitoring and Diagnostics

To find out more about our innovative solutions, please call us at +1 514.545.3067, or email us at

last updated: July 2020