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In 2016, DJI, the world’s leading maker of unmanned aerial vehicles, in partnership with the European Emergency Number Association (EENA) have released a white paper sharing insights and best practices from a year-long project with the European emergency-response community promoting the safe integration of drones in emergency situations.

The results of Phase II were published in 2018 in the Drone Efficacy Study!

DJI is a global leader in developing and manufacturing innovative aerial robotics and camera technology for humanitarian, commercial and recreational use. DJI’s products and solutions have been chosen by customers for applications in inspection, firefighting, SAR, construction, film, farming, and many other industries. Professionals around the world trust DJI to bring new perspectives to their work and help them accomplish feats safer, faster and with greater efficiency than ever before.

With the release of the Matrice 200 Series aerial platform, DJI has provided a more capable drone for pubilc safety missions. Equipped with both an aerial zoom and thermal camera, first responders can now quickly locate missing people in remote areas and plan the safest approach path. Learn more about the Matrice 200 Series drone.

last updated: July 2020