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Citizen Responders Foundation

The Citizen Responders Foundation is a non-profit organization, created on the initiative of AEDMAP Lifesaving Solutions.

The main goals of the Citizen Responders Foundation are (i) citizen involvement in emergency situations, (ii) awareness and (iii) education through the following main axes:

  • Provision of the Citizen Responder App to PSAP worldwide;
  • Medical research support;
  • Support education and training activities in the field of lifesaving.

AED Registry management solution

The Citizen Responders Foundation provides a comprehensive AED mapping solution to health authorities, including:

  • Cloud based database integrating AED specific needs (location, mapping, materiovigilance, recall management…)
  • Artificial Intelligence proofing solutions
  • Public Smart App to share AED locations with the public
  • Country specific content

Several smart apps have already been deployed. Staying Alive, the flagship app available in 10 languages on iOS and Android lists over 160,000 AEDs. White labelled apps include:

  • Save A Life: Canadian version developed in partnership with St John Ambulance
  • Responders: Swiss version developed in partnership with Lausanne 144 ambulance service
  • Reanim:  Belgian version developed in partnership with the Belgian Heart League

Smart apps share the same AED database, thus building a worldwide network of AED mapping apps.

Besides AED locations, Staying Alive family apps provide extra content including CPR training material, training centers locations, emergency number auto-select and Citizen Responders management.

Citizen Responders

The Citizen Responders service is using state of the art technology to provide 24/7 volunteers locations services to PSAPs.

The system, run by PSAP operators, uses our smart apps to recruit, locate, alert and dispatch volunteers in case medical emergency nearby.

The service is fully customizable to fit customers specific requirements. Options include:

  • Volunteer auto-trigger and if so number of dispatched volunteers
  • Alert radius (default / manual)
  • Alert reasons are fully customizable (cardiac arrest, unconsciousness, bleeding…)
  •  Volunteers selection auto-filter (age, qualification, gender…)
  • Video call capability
  • Responders smart dispatch based on volunteer’s location / qualification. The system can send trained volunteers directly to the victim and untrained ones to get closest AEDs.
  • Route display
  • Data analysis tools

Moreover, the Citizen Responders service can be tightly integrated in PSAP dispatch software through open APIs.
In France the service is live in over 40 states (35 million citizen) since 2017, counts 80,000 volunteers and has been used over 3,500 times saving hundreds of lives.

Working in the field of AED mapping and Sudden Cardiac Arrest since 2011 the Citizen Responders Foundation is committed to provide best in class and fully customizable digital services to PSAP and Health authorities worldwide.

last updated: November 2021