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For over four decades, CEIEC has been giving close watch to world’s security situation and social development since its foundation in 1980, and continuously improving our solutions and services to help our customers respond to the challenges from sovereignty threat, natural disaster, social crisis, and economic development. We hold a large group of experts from government organizations, military forces, security agencies and industry manufactures to understand customer’s current situation and future demand by their expertise and experience. We manage a full line of products to be integrated into tailor-made solutions meeting various application scenario. We are very proud that we are now close partner of many foreign government, military and security department, to help them fulfill their mission of securing citizen’s confidence to health, safety, economic growth and public governance.

According to the actual needs of city safety and the development trend of modern technology, CEIEC combined with its more than 40 years of experience in the field of public safety to form a professional city safety center solution, which has been successfully implemented in many countries and cities around the world. Helped the local government improve the handling efficiency of incidents, and maintained local safety and happiness.

The CEIEC city safety center solution mainly includes the following aspects:

Quick access and processing of police information

Quickly accept and deal with the police incidents, calm it as soon as possible, and minimize the impact caused.

Video Supports the handling of incidents

Support for incidents handling through cameras, help the police keep track of the incidents situation, collect evidence afterwards, or prevent incidents from happening.

Deeply dig the value of incidents data

Exploit the value of accumulated data on city safety affairs, explore the rules and predict risks in the city, guide managers in police deployment and decision-making.

Service for Public and Engage Public Participation

Provide the convenient services for citizens, and enable citizens to participate in city safety affairs conveniently, improve their sense of security

CEIEC public safety solutions overview is as follows:

Varieties of alarm methods can be accessed

A variety of alarm methods can be accessed to the CEIEC City Safety Center, including fixed telephone, mobile phone, SMS, panic alarm button, social network, instant messaging software, Email, etc., and can accept various types of incidents, such as fire, Medical care, transportation, and various complex types of police incidents.

Police processing quickly, efficiently and professionally

The CEIEC City Safety Center provides a professional police accidents processing platform. It uses artificial intelligence technology and standard operating procedures to help improve the efficiency and handling quality of incidents, and provides a variety of collaboration and communication tools to help improve the efficiency of cooperation.

Multiple methods for command and dispatch methods, efficient visualization

CEIEC City Safety Center supports multiple communication methods, including: PSTN, 3G/4G/5G, TETRA/eLTE, panic button, cameras, video conferences, etc., which integrate voice and video communication, it can cover the communication requirements of various scenarios, so that the command center can see the live view of the scene and make decision more efficiently and accurately.

CEIEC City Safety Center provides a variety of command methods, including mobile terminal command, which can easily and quickly understand the development of the incidents anytime and anywhere; command with GIS can help the command center understand the macro situation at a glance; command with video can help understand of the development trend of the scene.

Intelligent and comprehensive monitoring system

CEIEC provides a full range of video surveillance systems to support the city security. It provides a wealth of surveillance equipment including PTZ cameras, fixed cameras, vehicle chick point, face cameras, body camera, etc., which can meet the needs of various city security monitoring scenarios. Through comprehensive coverage of key areas such as intersections, roads, etc., the manager of city safety can fully understand the situation. And the City Safety Center use AI algorithms to face recognition, vehicle analysis, and Intelligent recognition of incidents, improving the efficiency of city security monitoring.

Deeply mine the value of urban safety data

The city safety center will collect a large amount of incidents information, and it contains huge valuable information but takes time and effort to organize it. The hidden information can reflect the focus of city safety prevention and the development trend. The manager can adjust police deployment and take measures to deal with possible risks according to the intelligent analysis of incidents data. CEIEC provides professional city safety data analysis tools, which can quickly generate charts from massive data, discover laws and predict risks from the data, quickly generate reports, quickly retrieve targets. Providing data support for the city safety operations.

CEIEC productions overview is as follows:

CAD System

The CAD system provides related functions of incidents processing such as Call-taking, dispatching and incidents commanding. It can support multiple alarm methods and make rapid handling. In addition, it also provides GIS, duty management, resource management and other related functions.

Video management system

The video management system provides powerful video access capabilities and intelligent monitoring methods. It can access cameras of various brands, and provide video browsing, recording, video wall management and other functions. It can also support video intelligence analysis such as abnormal behavior, face recognition and vehicle analysis.

Mobile police App

The mobile police App is a convenient system for phones or pads. It can help the police handles incidents anytime and anywhere. It is integrated with incidents taking, video watching, instant messaging, data analysis, GIS and other systems.

Intelligent data system

The intelligent data system can be used to analyse huge incident information, deeply dig the internal value of the data. It can help generate charts and reports quickly from the massive data, can help retrieve targets quickly and intelligently, and can discover laws and predict risks, which is a powerful assistant for decision-making of city safety operations.

last updated: August 2020