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Atos is the global leader in secure and decarbonized digital with annual revenue of over € 11 billion and 107,000 employees serving a global client base in 71 countries.

By means of digital transformation and with a strong focus on decarbonization, we help our clients evolve with a fully remote workforce, migrate critical applications to the cloud so that they could operate at any time, and envision new cybersecurity threats. Atos is a co-founder of GAIA-X which aims to build a secure and transparent European data and cloud framework.

As a long-time specialist in digital solutions for Public Safety, Homeland Security, Healthcare, Defense, and Mission Critical Communications, Atos is an experienced partner working with public and private sector organizations to evaluate and adopt digital innovation for the most critical missions.

We bring to our customers the most extensive range of solutions to address their public safety challenges. We provide solutions for Next Generation Emergency Communication, starting with emergency call routing, emergency and crisis management, tactical communications, safe and smart cities, law enforcement, intelligence, anti-terrorism, border control, immigration and more.

From observation to action, Atos solutions make it possible to collect and analyze critical data, generate the right response and ensure situational awareness. Organizations such as emergency medical services, police, firefighting services, and civil protection can obtain the information they need for timely decision-making. Atos solutions are based on secure networks and communications.

We are among the leaders who can provide end-to-end Public Safety solutions based on our own intellectual property and services linked to all steps of the process, including planning, design, transformational steps, integration and finally operation with day 2 support.

ESInet / Next Generation Core Services (NGCS)

Atos Next Generation 112 (NG112) solutions allow you to receive calls through different channels (voice, video, Text, RTT, eCall, PEMEA, apps, IoT devices...) into your call routing network, to quickly allocate emergency callers to the right Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). Atos offers the only carrier-grade VoIP session controller for both call handling and emergency services routing, aligned with next-generation emergency calling standards (NG112 / NG911). Powering the Emergency Services IP network (ESInet) domain is Atos’ NGCS infrastructure, beginning with the OpenScape First Response Emergency Services Routing Proxy (ESRP), built from OpenScape Voice that supports ETSI and NENA standards for ESInet/NGCS. Capable of handling multi-media as well as voice calls, Atos' OpenScape First Response ESInet / NGCS solution is centered around the industry's only carrier-grade Emergency Services Routing Proxy capable of handling high call rates.

Complementing the OpenScape First Response Emergency Services Routing Proxy are the other Atos-provided Next-Generation Core Services Components:

  • OpenScape First Response Border Control Function (BCF) provides security functions at the border of the Emergency Services IP Network (ESInet).
  • OpenScape First Response Media Service Bridge Function provides call transfer and conferencing capabilities for voice, video and text calls.
  • OpenScape First Response Policy Store Server (PSS) supports the ESRPs Policy Routing Function by maintaining a central repository of policy routing rules.

Combined with Atos’ third-party provided Emergency Call Routing Function (ECRF), Location Database (LDB) and Location Information Servers (LIS), your migration to a secure and managed ESInet/NGCS processing NG112 traffic is fully covered by Atos.

Emergency management

GEMMA is the Atos product to be used in PSAPs for single and multi-agency operations, and also by emergency and crisis response teams in the field, fitting the needs of public safety organizations in multiple domains.

It covers the entire incident management lifecycle, from responding to emergency communications and launching standard operational procedures to perform actions and dispatch resources, to following-up first-responder interventions and event escalation. GEMMA is available both on-premises and in the Cloud and is natively prepared for multi-agency and multi-jurisdiction operations in which actionable information must be shared securely and in real-time between different stakeholders.

Atos' call handling, CAD and resource management components integrate seamlessly with our ESInet / NGCS and OpenScape PSAP Call Engine based on OpenScape Voice, as well as other own and third-party products, including the Lifelink Multinet products. GEMMA has been chosen by public safety organizations around the world, for nationwide operations such as 112 Romania, for regions such as Aragon, Galicia or Extremadura in Spain, or for major cities such as Madrid or Paris.

• Atos has successfully launched its Multi Agency Incident Transfer (MAIT) solution, connecting the UK's Emergency Services Network through a fast and secure messaging system - minimizing response times.

Secure and tactical communications

Lifelink critical communication solutions respond to situations where communication is a vital issue. They ensure safety and relevant response to threats. Teams in the field can efficiently communicate and share data in real-time with a high level of resiliency and security. Lifelink consists of a complete portfolio covering all needs, from infrastructure to devices, including mission-critical applications, services and maintenance, with key core elements:

  • Mission-critical applications such as:

            Lifelink Multinet Series that easily combine and record multiple network technologies from a unified C3 Command, Control and Communication platform.

           - Lifelink Multinet Dispatcher combines all critical calls from different networks, such as TETRA, GSM-R, LTE, PBX, VHF, UHF or analog networks. They can be easily initiated in one step. Communication between the control center and field staff is always performed reliable and the required level of security is guaranteed.

           - Lifelink Multinet Recorder can record all communications at different positions of the connection and throughout the lifecycle of the incident or event. It provides support for nearly all communication technologies and is based on IP architecture and standard COTS hardware. NG112 / NG911 communication types are supported including voice, data, pictures, RTT, video, eCall.

            Lifelink MCX Connect: mission-critical application on a smartphone that brings a new mission critical set of services including MCPTT, MCData, MCVideo and real-time geolocation. Fully 3GPP compliant, this app successfully passed the ETSI interoperability Plugtests in October 2020. It enables integration with IoT data sources, such as drones and sensors, for example, to support safe city applications. It enables seamless migration to 5G, whether it is a private, public or hybrid network.

  • Lifelink Wireless: Full range of Professional radio network based on 4G LTE / 5G technologies including NB-IoT and LTE-M for sensors connectivity.
  • Legacy-to-LTE gateways to interconnect multiple types of networks such as TETRA to LTE.
  • Lifelink Hoox: ultra-secure smartphones with a high-level of data protection.
  • Lifelink Hub: multi-network module that allows you to automatically switch from one network to another without interruption, including Device-to-device features.

Public warning

Atos population alerting can cover a city, a region or an entire country. It coordinates different types of alerting technologies such as cell broadcasting, location-based SMS, including sirens and social media, providing a unique system that can be run by any public safety organizations. We have deployed systems in Switzerland, Spain and Portugal.


Atos provides unique end-to-end cybersecurity solutions with a data-centric and preemptive security approach to secure citizen data. We design, develop, manufacture, integrate software and hardware products, and bring a unique combination of expertise and experience in trusted digital identities, access management, data security, data confidentiality, threat detection and incident response.

Our offer is built around four core assets to accompany public safety organizations on their journey to thrive in the digital age of security, transparency, and trust:

  • IDnomic, secure and trusted digital identities
  • Evidian, identity and access management solutions
  • Trustway, data security and confidentiality
  • Managed Detection and Response (AI-Driven MDR) and our complete offer of Security managed services with Hybrid Cloud Security, CERT Services, Managed Security Operations, Vulnerability Management, Security Consulting and Compliance Services.

Safe cities: How to use Big Data, Edge computing and Artificial Intelligence

Our solutions are about leveraging smart cities data and enriching them with artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to ensure the public safety of the future. This can include data sources such as CCTV, smart buildings, smart lighting, traffic monitoring, parking monitoring audio detection, IoT devices and personal wearable devices. The goal is to make this pre-analyzed data available to call takers to accelerate the decision process and better inform the PSAP.

Atos Urban Data Platform is an innovative solution that allows to collect, store and performs big data analytics on safety and rescue information to deliver an intelligent incident response. By collecting and analyzing data from multiple sources, this solution delivers insights that enable a response to be triggered and managed in real-time. Atos Urban Data Platform helps reduce crime with intelligence-led policing. It enhances safety and security and improves the operational efficiency of public security. Predictive analytics optimizes resource management, and secure data exchange between systems enhances interagency collaboration.

BullSequana Edge server provides AI inference & training capabilities at the edge.

Atos Edge Computer Vision is a unique end-to-end computer vision platform providing pre-trained & customizable AI models powered by BullSequana server range and enriched by Atos computer vision experts through worldwide experts’ labs.

All major products used in our public safety solutions were developed by and for Atos and remain Atos intellectual property. All products have been implemented based on both European and North American standards. Atos has the organizational and technical scope and expertise to perform the role as systems integrator in large national-scale public safety projects.

With new acquisitions of Ipstotek and DataSentics, Atos keeps enhancing its AI/ML and Computer Vision portfolio with new AI-intensive products and data science capabilities to help drive the future of Public Safety.

last updated: December 2021