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NEC Softwares Solutions

We’re here to help your control room do its job.

We’re proud to enable emergency response worldwide with our innovative and market-leading contact management and integrated communications and control systems (ICCS), customer relationship management tools (CRM) and location solutions, available on premise or in the cloud. Our customers in the public safety sectors trust our solutions to deliver their daily operations in the control room and in the field.

Now as part of the NEC family, and working alongside Northgate Public Services, our expert knowledge goes further than ever before, supporting the wider emergency services sector. We work with every UK police force, and overseas we support control rooms in Europe, the Middle East and further afield. We also connect critical international transport hubs including the London Underground, Gatwick and Dubai Airport.

With technology constantly evolving, so are we. We’re experts in LTE and can help your organisation get ready for, and switch to, an LTE-enabled control room.

But for us, it’s not just about technology – and we’re passionate about helping people. You may already have heard about our global control room initiatives including the annual APD Control Room Awards celebration, which recognises the incredible work of employees in this sector around the world.

And also International Control Room Week, which raises the profile of the control room community, is celebrated by thousands of employees in hundreds of control rooms every year, and takes place in October – so make sure you get involved!

Our solutions

With our combined expertise, we can build a truly tailored package for your control room operation that includes:

• Voice Recording
• Online Portal
• Telephony
• Resource & People Location
• Incident Management
• Relationship Management
• Social Media Integration

Cortex ICCS | Integrated Communication Control System – ICCS

Cortex® is a software only Integrated Communication Control System - ICCS, that places all your familiar control room hardware - radio, telephony, CCTV and talk groups onto one screen.

Used in control rooms around the world, Cortex® enables rapid communication for your customers and allows operators to do their jobs more easily and efficiently.

Available in the cloud or on-premise, and completely customisable in layout, design, feeds, language and role-type, Cortex works for your control room, exactly however it’s operating.

• Radio
• Marine Radio
• LTE, UHF and VHF
• Telephone, mobile and text
• Access control and CCTV
• Tannoy and alarms
• Websites

Cortex OmniChannel | Contact Management Solution

Cortex OmniChannel® is a contact management solution that puts the person at the heart and gives operators the information they need to make decisions. Using telephony integration, it automatically checks caller ID for contact history and retrieves caller information. It also alerts the operator when the caller meets certain criteria, including vulnerability, repeat contact and more.

OmniChannel® also enables multi-channel interaction with the public via telephony, webchat, webforms and social media. Operators can use the software to monitor trends using social media feeds, for example, through hashtags for major incidents and events.

It also feeds information into reporting systems to generate detailed performance reports.

Bring everything together in your control room with Cortex OmniChannel.


Our mapping solution enables optimal emergency response by providing the Control Room with an advanced level of situational awareness. The solution is built on fast, responsive, and familiar mapping interfaces and utilises modern location information tools together with rich layers of data from multiple sources.

When combined with integrations into location tracking technology and Computer Aided Dispatch, operators can understand where incidents are being reported and which resources are best placed to respond.

The result is a powerful tool providing a wealth of geospatial information to support intelligence-based decision making within the control room.

last updated: July 2021