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Xolaris Civil Security AB

Xolaris’ mission is to enable our customers to gain insights from mobile networks to save lives, every day. We have made sure that public safety authorities and law enforcements responsible for civil security can lead the way and make the right decisions fast when it is time to act. Our solutions deliver strategic insights by structuring and analysing massive dataflows, movements and positions based on real-time analytics of mobile networks. Proven under extreme pressure, our products prevent, predict and help neutralize criminal activity as well as guiding people to safety during disasters.

Our Swedish heritage has given us our strong belief that people always come first, and teamwork, honesty and trust is what has ensured us long-lasting relationships with global customers and partners.

Our story began as Mobilaris National Security, a part of the Mobilaris Group. And as time went by, Xolaris became independent with the purpose to develop even better products and continue our work for a safer world.

Our product portfolio consists of three systems for authorities:

Xolaris Eunomia Monitoring Center

Eunomia is a tracking and behavioral pattern analysis tool engineered to detect and combat criminal and terrorist activity through mass location, cellular traffic data interception, machine learning, call data records and historical data analysis. Eunomia provides invaluable actionable intelligence supporting law enforcement and national security agencies.

Xolaris CIWS

Xolaris Community Information & Warning System (CIWS) provides the right information at the right time and location to citizens during emergencies. Receive information in your own language, based on SIM-card nationality and unique location. CIWS has a proven record worldwide, successfully applied under the most challenging crowd conditions on earth. CIWS is a highly scalable solution and can manage up to 10.000 SMS per second.

Key functionalities:

  • Intuitive and interactive web graphical user interface
  • Calculates the predicted cell coverage in and around the alert area to optimize geo-accuracy
  • Multi-language support based in SIM card nationality
  • Alert messages over SMS and Cell Broadcast
  • Multiple parallel emergency campaigns (50+) independent of geography
  • SMS throttling algorithms to optimize network performance
  • 10.000 SMS per second
  • Statistics; how many phones received message, when and where
  • High availability active-active solution for high capacity and redundancy including geo-redundancy

Xolaris REACT

Xolaris Realtime Emergency Analytics Communication Tool (REACT) is a decision support platform engineered to assist governments and health authorities to detect, monitor, trace and ultimately help combat spread of infectious diseases. Xolaris REACT combines real-time collecting of anonymous cellular data from operator networks, machine learning and historical movement data to provide guidance and situational awareness enabling governments and authorities to plan and follow-up preventive measures.


  • Handset independent meaning any phone turned on is contributing to data collection and situational awareness
  • Completely based on mobile network data in real-time (anonymized if required by law)
  • Requires no interaction by citizens, no need to download or install anything on handsets
  • All phones in operator’s networks contribute to analytics result thus providing an unprecedented quality in the analytical quality.

The XOLARIS REACT platform:

  • Accurately measures the number of people in a given location at a given time – now or in the past.
  • Generates heatmaps and density measurements to see how the population is distributed – now and in the past to understand travel routes, movement over time (day/night) and places of congregation in advance of a potential crisis in order to e.g. determine evacuation plans.
  • Delivers coordinated, prompt, reliable, and actionable information over SMS or Cell Broadcast to the whole community or groups in different geographical areas to avoid or manage potential risk areas.
  • Identifies phones that has been travelling and visited infected areas and can inform by SMS if needed
  • Automatically detects phones travelling into areas with curfews or into zones with high risk of infection.
  • Detect movements of individuals and groups anonymously, in order to monitor whether they are self-isolating or following authorities’ directives to not travel.
  • Automatically informs people who moves more than e.g. 10 km if curfews are in operation.
  • Identifies “hot spots” - congregations of people

last updated: December 2022