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Wey Technology


WEY Technology is a Swiss-based global information technology company.

Core Competencies

WEYTEC specializes in the transmission, control, distribution and display of real-time data for command and control rooms around the world. WEY makes it possible to switch and distribute all information sources in any combination to an unlimited number of desks, video walls and screens, in real time, with their own smart KVM and Videowall controllers.

WEYTEC is a one-stop supplier that develops and manufactures all of its products and solutions in-house. First-class components, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and Swiss workmanship guarantee the flawless quality of WEYTEC products and solutions.

Solution Portfolio

WEYTEC Solutions are tailored to client needs and are based upon a unique product portfolio. Control room solutions contain products from seven WEYTEC product houses: multifunctional keyboards, remote solutions, Smart KVM matrix, mini PCs, video walls, workplace recording and event and alarm management.

WEYTEC‘s value proposition also includes a full suite of customer-oriented professional services: Project Management & Consulting, Product Development, Production, Maintenance & Field Support and Training.

last updated: November 2020