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Vitkovice IT Solutions

VITKOVICE IT SOLUTIONS has more than 25 years of experience and knowledge in building complex systems with several integrated solutions for crisis management. Our software solution is deployed at all 112 PSAPs in the Czech Republic. We also provide solutions for effective cooperation and coordination of emergency services. Due to our experience in many stressful situations during natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic, our system is designed to handle extreme stress. A sophisticated stress testing methodology is used to support this solution. The systems architecture is set up so that the potential failure of a key node does not severely limit the availability of emergency services. We continue to work on improving system availability during high load or technology failure. We are participating in Europe-wide projects for research and development, our company is a leader in implementation of eCall.

We currently provide:

  • Computer Aided Dispatch System
  • GIS with Caller location solution
  • eCall solution
  • Advanced Mobile Localization (AML)
  • SMS communication
  • Mobile applications
  • Full telephony and other communication systems integration
  • Integration of all IRS to one working environment
  • Video calling using WebRTC protocol

The best you can find in the world of IRS is what we have created – the Integrated Rescue Center – all dispatch systems working together are tightly integrated and working together, all resources are connected and working together to the highest standards available. Fully efficient in terms of results and costs.

The PSAP system now provides support to other components of the integrated rescue system in locating citizens in emergency situations. We provide an interface for the transfer of AML positions to the individual operational controls of the integrated rescue system components.  

We are supporting all major PBX systems which are certified for PSAP systems.

Our goal is to help PSAP operators with their mission to help citizens in emergency situations. We hear what our customers say and build solutions that are optimal for them.

We regularly discuss new ideas and future directions with our solution operators. At the moment, the main long-term topic of these conversations is the NG112 issue.

last updated: December 2022