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Techwan, an Everbridge company

Techwan, acquired by Everbridge in 2020, is a Swiss company and is a leading provider of public and private safety and emergency solutions. Our Swiss-Made software suite SAGA offers a complete command and control solution for everyone:

  • Situational Awareness dashboard with risk intelligence, weather data and custom feeds,
  • Emergency call handling system with call routing and dispatch management (CAD)
  • End-to-end incident, crisis, and disaster management platform
  • Decentralized command and control for mobile command centers and operations
  • Resource and task management systems
  • A masterpiece highly interoperable with other 3rd party systems.

The solution has been developed in close collaboration with our customers (police, civil defense, airports, ambulance departments, and the private sector) and handles more than 200 million events per year. SAGA was chosen by major public safety actors in Europe such as the French National Gendarmerie to create the world’s greatest centralized CAD, with more than 6,000 workstations, spread all over Metropolitan France and Overseas, it is completely functional and, amongst other things, was the safety center of G20 in Cannes and the 70th anniversary of D-DAY. Although, the solution will be used for Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

The SAGA product line offers:

  • Incident management: SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL
  • Crisis management: SAGA CRISIS
  • Large event planning: SAGA PLANNING
  • Mobilization: SAGA MOBILIZATION
  • Victim’s management: SAGA VICTIM

Unique Advantages of Techwan, an Everbridge Company

Located at Lausanne, the Olympic capital and city of innovation and research, Techwan employs a world-class expert team of different nationalities to deliver the best solutions available around the clock to support our customers.

  • SAGA is a completely services oriented (SOA) multi-layer solution.
  • SAGA is multiagency and can manage Police, Civil Defense and Ambulances on the same system. This can be made on workstation level or at incident type.
  • SAGA user interfaces are flexible and modular. They are defined outside the application, in a profile register. Number of profiles are unlimited, and user interfaces can be adapted by systems engineer.
  • SAGA supports all types of fixed and mobile workstations: Multi-screens PC, laptops, PC tablets and smartphones.
  • SAGA is multilingual and supports all alphabets: Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic and Chinese.
  • SAGA has a broad pallet of communication interfaces: PABX and IPBX, radio TETRA, TETRAPOL, LTE, recording voice and video, Paging, SMS, GPS, E-mail, Fax, API, CCTV, networks of alarm
  • SAGA’s workstations are: WPF for Smart clients and HTML5 for Web clients and mobile. They can be mixed. WEB clients can be multiscreen. Mobile workstations are individually notified.
  • SAGA can be on top of Windows Server or LINUX, and SQL Server or PostgreSQL.

About the company

Techwan, an Everbridge company. Everbridge (NASDAQ: EVBG) is a global provider of public safety and public warning solutions that helps governments and public authorities to keep their populations safe when it matters most, at anytime, anywhere. During public safety threats such as severe storms, earthquake and tsunami, wildfires, flooding, pandemic, industrial accidents, civil unrest, and terrorist attacks, over 5,700 global clients, countries, states or organizations rely on the company’s Critical Event Management solutions.

The company’s critical communications and enterprise safety applications include Public Warning, one2many, SAGA, Mass Notification, Incident Management, Safety Connection™, IT Alerting, Visual Command Center®, Crisis Management, Community Engagement™ and Secure Collaboration. Everbridge has offices in the Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Middle East, China, India, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, Los Angeles, New York, Lansing, San Francisco and Boston.

last updated: June 2021