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Techwan, an Everbridge company

Techwan, acquired by Everbridge in 2020, is a Swiss company and is a leading provider of public and private safety and emergency solutions. Our Swiss-Made software suite SAGA offers a complete command and control solution:

  • Situational Awareness dashboard with risk intelligence, weather data and custom feeds
  • Emergency call handling system with call routing and dispatch management (CAD)
  • End-to-end incident, crisis, and disaster management platform
  • Decentralized command and control for mobile command centers and operations
  • Resource and task management systems
  • Highly interoperable with other 3rd party systems

The solution has been developed in close collaboration with our customers (police, civil defense, airports, ambulance departments, and the private sector) and handles more than 200 million events per year. SAGA was chosen by major public safety agencies in Europe such as the French National Gendarmerie to create the world’s largest centralized CAD, with more than 6,000 workstations. The solution will be used for the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024. Other customers include the Geneva Airport, the Mairie de Paris, and the 144 medical emergency number system in Canton de Vaud and Neuchatel.

Unique Advantages of SAGA

  • Service oriented (SOA) modular solution
  • Multiagency emergency collaboration and management, allowing Law Enforcement, Fire, Civil Defense and EMS to be managed and coordinated on the same platform
  • Available on desktop, mobile devices, and web clients with multiscreen capabilities
  • Supports multiple languages and alphabets (Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic and Chinese)
  • Provides support for: PABX and IPBX, radio TETRA, TETRAPOL, LTE, recording voice and video, Paging, SMS, GPS, E-mail, Fax, API, CCTV, and alarm networks

last updated: December 2022