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Syntony GNSS

Syntony is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of a complete range of PNT and GNSS products and solutions, from simulation to receivers.

Syntony is the result of more than 20 years of R&D in GNSS signal processing, radio frequency, electronics and offers its customers highly innovative products and software solutions.

Syntony’s expertise is used in various industry domains, mainly space, defense, aeronautics, telecommunications, IoT and transport, as well as in various academic fields (laboratories, universities and research centers around the world).

Syntony is headquartered in Toulouse, France, with offices in Paris, San Francisco, New York and Montreal.

Syntony’s network of distributors covers Singapore, South Korea, China, India, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Germany, Norway, South Africa, Canada and the United States, and Japan

GPS coverage in a confined environment (Tunnels, underground etc ..)

SYNTONY has developed a system to simulate GPS (or GNSS) signals in a covered (or underground) environment, typically inaccessible to GNSS signals emitted by satellites.

It is a particularly innovative technology which has been tested and implemented in different metros and/or rail or road tunnels.

The SubWAVE system has been designed to emulate signals similar to the GPS ones corresponding to given locations. The GPS algorithms of the tracking devices will compute the position as if they were provided the signals by the satellites.

A video showing some performance measurement tests with TRAFIKVERKET in STOKHOLM on the use of SubWAVE in Södra Länken road tunnel, are available on SYNTONY GNSS youtube channel.

SubWAVE  is not an “indoor location system”. It provides GNSS and when compared with indoor location systems, SubWAVE offers the extension of an existing and robust system encompassing all operational applications for road system.

  • It is a known and robust Universal Position System compatible with all existing applications
  • It is a one way system, respecting the privacy of the users (SubWAVE doesn’t know who are the users of the signals and has no communication protocol with them)
  • It will be instantly adopted by the various systems (they have been designed to address GPS data)
  • It doesn’t interfere with other RF systems due to the fact that GPS frequency bands are only allowed for GPS services
  • It offers a seamless outdoor/indoor transition for the GPS/GNSS based systems
  • It can address different levels of services depending on the users system and applications
  • It can easily update for future evolutions (as it is the case for outdoor GNSS systems)
  • Once the « simulated constellation » is set on the existing RF infrastructure, there is almost no specific maintenance in the tunnel infrastructure and most evolutions can be implemented through SubWAVE racks for applications upgrades only without major interaction with the tunnel infrastructure
  • It is a unique infrastructure to provide different levels of services to the user with a basic service freely available without having to subscribe anyway just as for outdoor GNSS

And as GNSS in the air, one can use it for many purposes and many use cases.
Some use cases do not necessitate any strong requirement in terms of performance, whereas some other use cases will.
This is the same for SubWAVE system in a confined environment

Receivers and Navigation Systems

Syntony offers a range of on-board GNSS receivers (SoftSpot), meeting high performance needs (Aero, Space, Trains) but also low-power applications (SoftSpot IoT).

SoftSpot is an SDR (Software Defined Radio) solution for customized high-performance GNSS receivers.

By design, Softspot enables complex and high-performance signal processing for multiconstellation signals, interference mitigation, anti-spoofing management, high-performance multi-sensor hybridization and can meet very demanding custom requirements.

Syntony can provide a complete product (SOFT and HARD) and/or only software components that can be integrated on a given hardware platform.

Syntony has also developed an offer of receivers dedicated to the IOT:

SoftSpot IoT is the perfect low-power GPS tracking solution by reducing the power consumption of onboard IOT devices when calculating positions and using the secure cloud to remotely calculate positions using GNSS signals.

SoftSpot IoT significantly reduces power consumption and enables higher position reporting rates.

last updated: May 2022