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SKLLS AS is an advanced simulations and integrations technology company passionate about helping emergency response centres educate and support dispatchers. Our premier AI communication training technology replicates emergency callers from any given scenario. Dispatchers train by engaging in realistic, simulated phone conversations with the program.

HiSklls training methodology takes new operators to full on-the-job experience faster than any other available educational and operational support platform. It is ideal maintenance for seasoned operators and has valuable functionality within recruiting. With leading performance tracking capabilities integrated into the system, you can define your centre’s KPIs and monitor the performance levels of individuals and teams. Sklls is cost-effective compared to currently used training solutions on the market, increases the volume of practice possible, and make emergency dispatchers more comfortable and prepared from their very first day.

The user experience

With HiSklls, new employees are able to rapidly learn and internalize procedures and communication protocols. HiSklls is accessible for users on any device with internet access and is available 24/7. The simulator includes endless training scenarios to practice on, with the option to build your own. The portal is highly intuitive and comes equipped with advanced features, such as a grading function, session recorder, timer, testing tool, and more. Scenarios can even be run in voices of different ages, genders, and moods.

HiSklls demonstration: 

User experience with HiSklls at Bergen EMS:

Trusted partner

The Sklls team has over 20 years of experience in advanced simulator technology development; including having delivered and supported more than 50 large Digital Twin or one-to-one simulator installations to market-leading customers worldwide. Sklls operates globally with headquarters in Stavanger, Norway. The simulator was created in collaboration with the Regional Centre for Emergency Medical Research and Development in Rogaland and the medical PSAP in Stavanger, Norway. Additionally, the product’s development was supported by organizations including Helse Vest, Helse Stavanger, Innovation Norge, and Safer. Together, these members contributed to the creation of the HiSklls communication simulator as a solution for emergency call centres looking to support their teams better and more efficiently. 

Services and cost

We keep our services simple with just one product, the HiSklls Simulator. Our pricing is primarily based on the number of users and administrators at a given centre as well as which course libraries you would like to include. Give HiSklls a try and see if it’s right for you: Reach out to us to request a free trial and a quote

last updated: June 2022