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SiriusXM Connected Vehicle Services pioneered the Connected Vehicle Services market in 1996 with the first OEM-embedded, consumer-facing telematics service in the United States.

A member of EENA since the beginning, Sirius XM has also been members of both APCO and NENA for the last 20 years.

Today, SiriusXM provides connected vehicle services to several million vehicles across 450 model lines sold for a variety of automakers across North America.

With safety and security services as its core offering, SiriusXM’s connected vehicle platform also has developed over 50 services that includes innovative infotainment, navigation, and remotely activated vehicle functions designed to enhance consumer mobility and convenience as well as enhanced customer service and operational efficiencies for vehicle manufacturers.

For over 20 years SiriusXM Connected Vehicle Services has deployed a proven emergency call center architecture and operation specifically designed to assist emergency responders relative to vehicle emergencies and stolen vehicle location, including screening non-emergency calls.

Core Competencies

SiriusXM’s core competencies reflect a commitment to leveraging technology to enhance service to motorists. These competencies currently include the following:

  • Providing Emergency Call (eCall) and Automatic Crash Notification (ACN) response services.
  • Dual agent handling of emergency calls enabling simultaneous interfaces with both the motorist in need and the PSAP.
  • Extensive experience in interfacing with key service delivery partners to fulfil OEM and end user automotive customer needs
  • Comprehensive IT and program management capabilities that meet vehicle production dates, integrating vehicle architecture with off-board content and communications.

last updated: July 2020