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S&T Iskratel

With over 70 years of experience, S&T Iskratel is the leading European provider of communications solutions for the digital transformation of the telecommunications, transport, public safety, and energy industries. With its own R&D and manufacturing centres, S&T Iskratel meets the demands for carrier-grade and mission-critical connectivity of fixed and mobile operators worldwide, as well as those of large-infrastructure industries, such as railways and power utilities. From roads to rails, from cities to countryside, from mine to factory, our aim is to make connectivity and operations smarter and safer. Member of the global technology group S&T, S&T Iskratel has a local presence in more than 50 countries and is consistently expanding its market position, especially in Western Europe.

S&T Iskratel’s public safety solutions are designed to provide officials with a complete and instant overview of activity on public roads, venues and spaces, allowing them to spot, handle or avert danger ahead of time.

Emergency communications with 112 solutions complement existing emergency communications infrastructure with next-generation operational centres to increase public safety. S&T Iskratel’s PSAP (Public-Safety Answering Point) solutions fill in the gaps in today’s public safety network and lay a simpler, more-efficient and cost-effective path for handling future emergency situations. S&T Iskratel has made a confident step towards 5G technologies to complement various emergency services with a rich set of benefits of 5G networks while leveraging existing radio networks.

eCall Node is a scalable, flexible, and future-proof platform suitable for upgrading existing PSAPs with eCall functionality. Providing advanced features eCall Node is also fit for cloud service models and the provision of value-added services on top of eCall. In a scenario of an accident, it may provide MSD data to operating centres in the responsible municipality or highway patrol in the area. S&T Iskratel proudly presented its NG eCall Node at a co-hosting event NG eCall Plugtest 2020 – ETSI, where it acquired a design confirmation. S&T Iskratel as well contributed to design architecture specification of the eCall over IMS within the sAFE project.

Safe City solution offers cutting edge, end-to-end security with ubiquitous network access, a convergent operations centre, and a video-surveillance management system. The solution integrates information modules and communications such as voice, video surveillance, geographical information system (GIS), and a variety of sensors to enable efficient emergency response and inform tactical manoeuvres in various situations.

last updated: September 2022