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Prepared is a US-based provider of real-time text messaging, automatic text translation in 140+ languages, image, live stream video, GPS location, and artificial intelligence to control rooms and enterprise command centers. In addition, Prepared empowers control rooms and command centers to share livestream and other multimedia with first responders in a seamless and interoperable way – so they can see and understand the scene of an incident even before they arrive. As an over-the-top, web-based solution, Prepared is a highly secure, system-agnostic, and GDPR-compliant platform that works as a complement to your control room or command center’s existing CAD and other systems.

Live Stream Video:

Prepared is expert in providing live stream video to control rooms and public safety agencies. Prepared enables you to connect directly with callers to see the emergency incident as they see it. It also allows you to share that live stream and other multimedia with first responders so they can see and understand the scene before they arrive. As a company committed to the health and wellness of call-takers, Prepared pioneered features such as screen blurring to give call-takers control over what they do, and do not, see. The benefits of Prepared’s live stream include:

  • Delivering the promise of “Next Generation” emergency communications right now – including live stream and other multimedia – regardless of your jurisdiction’s underlying IP infrastructure
  • Interoperable communication, sharing a single set of live stream and other multimedia information across multiple agencies, regardless of the role they perform or the uniform they wear
  • Improving the safety of first responders by enabling them to see the scene even before they arrive
  • Enabling call-takers to take screenshots of videos for life-saving and investigative purposes
  • A device screen-darkening feature to protect callers who need to contact emergency services surreptitiously

Text Messaging & Automatic Text Translation:

In addition to providing real-time text communication with callers, Prepared enables automatic text translation of over 140 languages. These languages include all official languages of the European Union; the world’s most spoken languages, including Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic, Gujarati, and Turkish; and other languages of note such as Basque, Corsican, Irish, and Welsh. In doing this, Prepared leverages multiple APIs, ensuring a more redundant and reliable translation service. The benefits include:

  • Enabling call-takers to communicate in real-time text with the deaf and hard-of-hearing
  • Providing more equitable access to emergency services to a wider range of individuals who speak foreign languages
  • Providing faster, higher-quality service to a wider range of people speaking a foreign language
  • Obtaining an effective translation without involving a third-party


Mapping & Location Information:

Prepared also provides GPS location information with accuracy up to a 1-metre diameter, using both GPS coordinates and what3words. In addition, Prepared incorporates height-above-terrain in major urban areas. The benefits include:

  • The ability to identify a caller’s precise location
  • Incorporating high-fidelity location data into a feed of rich multimedia information and text communication

Automatic Logging of Key Information:

After each call, Prepared compiles the relevant information in a call log. This call log incorporates a record of the text messages exchanged, live stream video, and other multimedia information in a single file tied to the caller’s GPS location and the time they called. Benefits include:

  • A richer, multimedia record of the call, with multiple data points compiled all in one place
  • An automatically generated record that lessens the need for the manual input of information, saving the call-taker time and effort
  • A record that can be seamlessly shared with first responders, prosecutors, and other relevant public safety stakeholders

last updated: August 2023