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Orbita Consultancy

Orbita specialises in service delivery and the optimum, seamless use of the different channels for customer/citizen interaction and management.  We characterise our services in many ways; and in particular we do not just provide documented advice – rather we also help our clients to implement change with hands-on involvement, then through transition to steady-state in the new business as usual.

As well as specialising in PSAP operations, we have the necessary programme and project management skills, experience and track record to implement change and improvement projects.

We are expert in Workforce Planning and Resource Management which is key to determining resourcing requirements; through forecasting demand, capacity planning, and scheduling staff to match contact volumes and arrival patterns.

We are completely independent of any suppliers or other companies and organisations and in all our dealings with our clients, we are non-biased – except through our total commitment to our clients and we operate with the highest integrity.

Over the years, Orbita and our consultants have delivered many operational excellence reviews, business process re-engineering projects, contact centre strategies for clients in both the emergency services and other industries.

We have been involved with the EENA certification programme since its inception and have been integral to its deployment and growth.

In late 2017 Orbita merged with Insight Now, combining the outstanding Customer Experience knowledge, capabilities and unique solutions provided by Insight Now with the consultancy skills and experience of Orbita Consultancy.  We use this unique blend to monitor customer interaction and to advise on, and provide, the most appropriate Customer Experience (CX) solutions for our clients and their customers / citizens.

last updated: July 2020