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Oracle Communications

Meet Oracle Communications

Oracle Communications provides integrated communications and cloud solutions for Service Providers and Enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation journey in a communications-driven world.

We understand that emergency response services cannot be interrupted, not even briefly, and all communications must be secure and clear – this is why having Session Border Controllers and Service Delivery solutions built for mission-critical environments are crucial. Oracle provides the specialized communications solutions that ensure the high reliability and high quality that satisfy these demands.

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Oracle Service Delivery

Our Service Delivery solutions provide a unified intelligent cloud based framework to fulfil the needs of next generation public safety organizations throughout the world. Our solution enables multi types of communications like voice and video from various sources over a wide range of transports (3G, 4G/LTE, 5G, WiFi, VSAT) into our intelligent centralized control application server based on real time communication requirements.

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Oracle Session Border Controller

The world’s most demanding real time communications networks utilize our industry-leading session border controller (SBC). SBCs are a key component of NG112 networks, where they play the Border Control Function (BCF) role, securing the network perimeter of the ESInet and the PSAPs. The Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controller utilizes a purpose-built architecture to deliver best-in-class capabilities for the mission-critical, real-time communications needed for emergency services.

  • Secures telephony service during emergencies, call bursts, DoS attacks & more
  • Scales up to the largest, most complex environments
  • Protects QoE by assessing QoS & utilizing dynamic routing
  • Protects media quality with dedicated, fast path resources (multiple processors)
  • Prioritizes emergency calls to ensure the highest QoS
  • Nearly eliminates service outages with best-in-class HA
  • Enables recording & analytics with an integrated, standards-based interface
  • Simplifies VoIP monitoring & troubleshooting
  • Can be deployed in small and large scale on appliances, virtual and cloud

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last updated: December 2022