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Nuuk Technologies is an innovative software-based company that orchestrates visual intelligence in complex and dynamic contexts like emergencies. We design, develop and sell a software platform that improves the effectiveness, the productivity of first responders while reducing their response time.


Our platform FlexControl, is a collaboration platform that enables emergency services to manage in an agile manner the multimedia resources required and available in emergency contexts regardless of the network where they are located. From surveillance cameras, smartphone cameras, to drones and IoT sensors, FlexControl provides mechanisms for a flexible configuration of distributed command and control virtual rooms enabling collaborative decision-making, connecting operative, tactical and strategic levels. Our platform provides the means for quick and easy access of all first responders collaborating in an emergency (PSAP’s, fire-fighters, police, ambulances, etc). Being a web-based application, it also enables the contribution of any user with a smartphone, allowing the concept of citizen as a sensor to become a reality.

FlexControl unlocks your potential by making a reality the sentence: “one image is better than 1000 words” and allow first responders to enter new dimensions with the orchestration of visual intelligence.  

last updated: March 2022