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Meditec Ltd.

Meditec is a leading healthcare industry and emergency services information technology developer in Latvia with 24 years of work experience and more than 100 e-health projects of national importance. Meditec has 2 main business centres:

1. Ārsta Birojs (eng. - Doctors Office) specializes in developing information system solutions for health care institutions ranging from simple financial accounting tools to highly specialized systems for university hospitals. In cooperation with partners, we have improved and continue to optimize the health care system in Latvia, making it accessible to everyone.

2. Business centre – Emy is the only full-service business support system developer in Latvia, which is a one stop shop for emergency services dedicated to:

  • NG112 contact center management,
  • dynamic call plans to ensure fast and reliable information gathering during the call taking process,
  • AML and eCall integration,
  • dispatching, resource management, and monitoring,
  • emergency services specific to GIS,
  • advanced emergency services specific route planning,
  • enhanced data exchange and analysis,
  • long and short-term work shift planning solution,
  • team/crew planning (working time, location, specialization) and status that changes according to availability,
  • artificial intelligence tools for advanced emergency services data analysis and prediction.

Emy serves the whole emergency medical service (EMS) and currently is being implemented in other emergency services – State Police, State Fire and Rescue Service and State Border Guard.

Within EMS Emy is used by 200 simultaneous users, and more than 1000 IS users in total. Emy provides EMR integration with hospitals.

Implementation in other emergency services will create a common environment for all emergency services – the seamless integration of tickets, common call management, resource monitoring and exchange of all necessary information. After implementation in 2023, the number of Emy users will exceed 10,000, managing 2 million calls and 1 million events a year.

In order to provide an even better service, we are proud of our additional support systems:

Emy Android app – extension of Emy to support responders’ business process:

  • work orders management,
  • response data gathering and management,
  • healthcare and law enforcement process support,
  • seamless integration with Emergency services navigation software.

112 mobile app (iOS/Android) and website

Enhanced two-way communication:

  • hazards and emergency information provision,
  • assistance for early warning systems,
  • structured crime reporting,
  • user authentication with eID credentials,
  • communication support for deaf persons

Emergency services navigation software (Android App)

  • Emergency services specific routing – regular traffic, emergency (left turns where physically possible allowed), extra emergency (opposite driving on one-way streets allowed) routing options
  • Specific GIS data layers.

eHealthPoint - patient portal and mobile application as one stop shop for all health and healthcare related issues, starting from assistance during emergency call till doctor’s appointment.

  • More opportunities to monitor and plan health care and related documents. A fast, secure, and convenient way to manage own and your family's health data
  • 300 000 registered users, more than 45 000 appointments a month

Main Emy Advantages:

  • Effective communication between all involved parties,
  • High level of sensitive data protection,
  • Reduction of time spent on report filling and work management,
  • Transparent workflow,
  • Fully electronic document flow,
  • Integration with other information systems,
  • Accessibility of information from anywhere anytime

last updated: January 2023