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Kron Telekom, d.o.o.

Kron Telekom is a system integrator with 30 years of experience in the field of business communications and technologies.

Our presence in the public safety sector began more than a decade ago with the introduction of computer aided dispatch systems (40+ clients) nationwide at 112 PSAPs and at a few fire brigade centers.

Among other projects a number of recording systems across operational-communication centers of Slovenian police (which act as a PSAPs for police emergency number 113) have been installed by Kron Telekom.

Our mission is to co-create state-of-the-art information and communication technology (ICT) solutions and achieve common business and other goals with our customers.

We are aware that long-term customer relationships and their satisfaction are the key to our success.

We provide:

  • Consulting,
  • Solution design,
  • Deployment and training,
  • Professional technical support 24/7,
  • SW development – customised solutions.

Our main expertise includes VoIP, contact centers and call recording systems.

However we do also provide SW development for specific, customised solutions such as:

  • Web interface for call routing,
  • CRM – SCADA interface,
  • Omnichannel Callcenter customised add-on SW modules inc. reporting, video & chat,
  • Call traffic analysis etc.

Our company is running a pilot project in Slovenia during which we are designing and developing, together with partners, a SIP based CAD system with NG112 enabled mechanisms (incl. location conveyance and SIP header/body data extraction and encapsulation).

As a member of the consortium, Kron Telekom was also participating in the European project RRI2. The MEDICOLL project, with all the solutions offered, makes it possible to save lives and represents an innovation in a global sense. As such it is fully embedded in the national strategy of Smart Specialization and  Smart Cities/Communities. It solves the acute problem of effective communication and coordination of medical staff in a complex environment of mass disaster.

last updated: November 2021