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Issured provide world class digital transformation working in partnership with our clients to turn their strategic ‘Vision into Reality’ and to deliver tangible value. Our blend of high-level skill and delivery experience enables us to design and deliver effective solutions to meet all the requirements of clients.

We have a proven successful track record of working as a trusted independent partner in enabling our clients to implement the right blend of digital services, people centric processes and cultural change to allow efficient and effective operation in an ever-evolving digital landscape.  Our major client in the United Kingdom is the National Police Chiefs Council where we are working across all 43 forces and Counter Terrorism Policing to deliver significant improvements in the Law Enforcement operating model.

We have delivered major modernisation and change programmes, worked in very demanding international locations, designed and led international training programmes and are a true digital transformation specialist organisation. Our staff were involved in the design and implementation of the Safe City projects in Islamabad and Lahore and we have delivered similar projects in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and the UAE.

An example of this has been working for the National Police Chiefs Council where we have been identifying and developing a new operating model for policing that joins up initial public contact and organisational tasking, introduces the new ways of working for investigation, intelligence when operating in a Digital landscape. These enhancements are further developed to ensure the right digital linking to Courts with the supporting evidential requirements of an evolving digital Law Enforcement environment. We have led the development of the “Digital Learning & Knowledge Base” business case with the College of Policing which is key to supporting the embedding of digital led change.

For Safer City programmes, Issured supports organisations to modernise their operating platforms to effectively service their evolving safety and security needs. The Safer City platform provides an integrated suite of technologies, innovative Concept of Operations, quality focused processes and staff capabilities to proactively manage the security situation and to professionalise the security response to incidents.

Mea: Connexus – A Unique Digital Engagement Platform

In order to support emergency services, Issured has introduced Mea: Connexus, an innovative digital engagement platform, that offers the following unique capabilities:

  • Blockchain Immutability – Where the evidential integrity of recorded video interviews is of paramount importance, Mea: Connexus uses Blockchain technology and SHA-256 hash algorithms to create a sealed “digital evidence bag” around the content of the interview. This will mean you can always evidence if the content has been edited or changed in any way.
  • Case Management – Recognising that investigations are largely undertaken in teams, Mea: Connexus will provide the ability for organisations to create groups of users that replicate their teams. Team members can create interviews for others and review and comment on each other’s video interviews.
  • Mandatory Recording – Mea: Connexus records all video interviews from the point of entering the interview to the closing of the interview session. All engagement between participants is recorded for future review and presentation.
  • Time-coded and named transcription – Mea: Connexus converts each participants speech to text and presents the hosting organisation with a full transcript of the entire video interview that sequentially provides who was saying what and the time that they said it.
  • Secure video, chat, media sharing and storage – Mea: Connexus uses 256-bit AES Encryption to secure your video interviews and any chat and media shared with participants throughout the interview. All video interviews and shared materials are securely stored with encryption in the cloud. Mea: Connexus has been assured to UK OFFICIAL and aligns with the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre SaaS and Cloud principles.
  • Organisational Branding – Your customers want to be confident that they are talking to you. Mea: Connexus allows you to use your own corporate identity, logo’s, crest’s and badge’s and by provides participants with your own privacy policy and consent notices.
  • Device Agnostic – Mea: Connexus works with all desktop and mobile operating systems and their default browsers. Participants do not need to download any application on their devices.
  • Blockchain Validation – Mea: Connexus provides both users and external parties the ability to validate the content of a video interview to demonstrate and ensure that the record of the video interview has not been tampered with in any way. With the ability to produce “deep fakes” and the editing of video content becoming easier and easier, Mea: Connexus provides validation and authenticity of the video interview.
  • Reporting – Mea: Connexus provides easy to use and understand dashboards and management information that gives customers all of the information they need to manage their organisations use of the Mea: Connexus service.

last updated: December 2022