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Established in 2008, Ipkom is a company where fresh ideas are interlaced with varied experiences of skilled workers. Our company pools experts with long standing experiences in the field of informatics and telecommunication. Our work is focused above all on idea realization and filling up newly formatted needs in the sphere where informatics and telecommunication interweave.

At Ipkom we offer a wide range of services and solutions, anywhere from simple to complex ones. Focusing our work on the area of public safety, we can rely on a great deal of experience in this field. Our mission is developing new telecommunication / information techniques and methods. We realize that your business success relies upon quality information solution, therefore with our solutions we look after your needs and let you focus on your work. Care for our customers is expressed by high quality support since our goal is to have content clients with long-term cooperation.


Call-Taking and Dispatching communication center Quark was designed specifically for critical use cases, which are subject by the public protection and disaster relief (PPDR) authorities. The Quark system offers a unique product solution which is designed with the goal to enable citizens to reach a 112 authority by using a legacy system based on Voice call, SMS, WAP, as well as the next generation communication systems such as VoIP, Video and eCall.

In critical environments, where every second counts, the solution that offers interoperability between emergency services and providing both voice and data information exchange, has the utmost importance in supporting the incident role. By providing software modularity, highest level of adaptability, open standard approach and architecture flexibility (distributed and cloud-based architecture), together with agnostic OS client installation, Quark as a Call-Taking and Dispatching systems has already been set as a Next Generation 112 system.

As a system, Quark has been in operational usage for many years as a central 112 management system in Slovenian Administration for civil protection and disaster relief, evolving from basic Call-Taking console up to a full scale communication center, which now connects local call-takers and dispatchers into a nationwide operational center. Quark achieves this by providing seamless voice and data experience through different regions, services and organizations (emergency units, fire brigades, police, intervention headquarters etc.).

Key features:

Operating system agnostic clients (works in Windows, Linux, any other platform)

Flexible server architecture

  • modularity of Quark system enables end user to set up own preferrable, custom configuration Cloud based

Distributed solution

  • local, regional or national level
  • interoperability of levels
  • redundant
  • 112 datapool feature, enabling external units to be a part of the system, as well as providing an additional form of data redundancy

Seamless over-border communication (lightweight client for non-operators and API’s for nongreenfielders)

Execution of Action Plan algorithms

  • action plan algorithms offer a rapid, user friendly access to an appropriate action plan for an incident taking place
  • hierarchical usage of location and event type
  • short action plan time to activation

Operator working place customization

Communication services and support for: CS voice, VoIP, radio, paging, SMS, AML, eCall, Video, GIS, WAP, local CRM databases,

PSAPs for: SMS, eCall, redundant

Operator diary

  • detailed user activity log
  • operator shift switch documentation

General internal messaging

  • clear insight of internal communication between operators

Statistical data and presentation

  • for all supported type of services

last updated: December 2022