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IES Solutions

IES Intelligence for Environment & Security IES Solutions (IES) is an Italian SME, based in Rome, Catania and Oxford, that designs, develops and delivers services and technologies for the Environment and for the Safety and Security of citizens.
The Company has a proven expertise in turning research into innovative solutions; thanks to the participation in several EC-funded projects, IES has gained a significant expertise in implementing solutions and evaluating the impact of ICT solutions in many different domains where data gathering, data interoperability, communication, alerting and an efficient visualization of information are key.

IES strongly believes in the power of interoperability for improving communication between authorities and citizens, particularly during emergencies. Pursuing this vision, IES has developed a suite of products called JIXEL, which is based on the CAP (Common Alerting Protocol), an XML data format originally developed by the OASIS Consortium. CAP has been adopted by the Italian Ministry of Interior as Italian national standard for exchanging data and ensuring interoperability between Emergency Control Rooms.

Jixel is a suite of Cloud solutions for the management of both daily business and emergencies. Jixel implements an intuitive Command and Control System, which allows a standard-based seamless sharing of information between actors, being them on the field or in Control Rooms.

Jixel offers real-time information using:

• Geography, localisation, dynamic maps
• Information about personnel and resources within the area of the event or approaching it, including their status and assigned task.
• Contextual information and potential risks in the area impacted by the event

Jixel automatically adapts to the data communication available in the area of the event, dynamically varying the in-transit data accoridng to the available bandwidth. Thanks to a set of apps, Jixel can use videos created by both citizens and professionals using their smartphones.

Jixel is a complete web-based virtual Control Room, featuring tools for the visualisation of information, for data sharing and data management; it can be used on every class of devices, from PCs to smartphones.

Jixel aggregates information from on-the-field sensors, Open Data, Social Media and dedicated apps: for all practicual purposes, it makes Big Data integrated in the framework Smart Cities and Smart Government.

Jixel is applied in 7 different solutions, specifically designed for Cities, Regions, Agencies, Groups, Companies and System Integrators, plus a specific solution developed for the eCall domain.

The platform implements all the needed information flows with four specialised products: between organisations (SHARE), within the same organisation (MANAGER), from sensors, apps and open data (AGGREGATOR) and with citizens (ALERTER).

JIXEL-ALERTER can also be configured for mass warning via the radio channel: in combination with the JIXEL-RADIO unit, it empowers the direct audio broadcasting of CAP alerts as sent by the alerting authority.

JIXEL also covers the Social Media domain with specific modules for information gathering, sentiment analysis as well as alerting.

IES supplied JIXEL to the Italian Ministry of the Interior – Fire Fighters Dept., which is using it all over Italy since 2014; the system currently covers 97% of the Italian Provinces and 98% of the population (May 2017).

In 2016, JIXEL has been supplied to the Regional Civil Protection of Sicily (Italy) implementing the GECoS system for emergency management and interaction with volunteers. Citizens can also be part of GECoS via the “Anch’ioSegnalo” App by sending alerts directly to the control room.

IES also provides services based on the analysis of EO-images for the assessment of the presence of asbestos in buildings, for the identification of burnt areas and for the assessment of susceptivity to fire.

Since 2017, IES is involved in a DG-ECHO project called ALPDIRIS, based on communication interoperability, which aims at improving cross-border mountain search and rescue between Italy and Slovenia.

IES has developed a CAP-based standard solution for the implementation of information exchange between PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) and with TPSPs (Third Party Service Providers) under the eCall initiative (I_HeERO project).

IES is also currently involved in a feasibility study on a Galileo-based population alerting service.

IES is member of the Advisory Board of EENA (European Emergency Number Association) and founder member of PSCE (Public Safety Communication Europe). It is an active member of the task-force of B-APCO for the development of the MAIT (Multi Agency Incident Transfer) protocol and is on boardnthe Technical Committee of the OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) Emergency Management standardization group.

last updated: December 2022