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The GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) was officially founded by GEOS in 2007. Based just outside of Houston in Montgomery, Texas, the IERCC is at the heart of the 24/7/365 GEOS services, coordinating over 10,000 incident responses in over 165 countries. The IERCC is the world’s first and only Satellite Emergency Notification Device (SEND) monitoring company and has been since 2007. GEOS holds exclusive monitoring agreements with dozens of satellite equipment providers and satellite network operators, such as Iridium, Globalstar, Inmarsat, and Thuraya. Today, the GEOS IERCC is also the 911/112 endpoint for all Globalstar and Inmarsat Satellite phones and is an optional service for users of Iridium phones. In 2014, GEOS Safety Solutions along with the GEOS IERCC introduced a number of cellular based emergency alerting applications for campus-wide safety, remote worker, and employee travel safety and security. AT&T, Sprint, Bell Canada, and T-Mobile corporate solutions sales departments sell many of these solutions.

How it Works

The IERCC operates 24/7/365 and has the ability to interact in over 200 languages and dialects. Each IERCC Search and Rescue Mission Coordinator (SMC) must complete a rigorous training program that includes hours of hands-on call experience and requires full FEMA certification. The IERCC SMCs work together closely on each call to ensure that every emergency situation is handled as quickly and effectively as possible.

Regardless of the type of incident occurring, immediate notification and establishing communications with those involved is critical. Receiving accurate location information through this notification is crucial in mitigating the incident at hand. When an SOS alert is received, the IERCC team immediately begins working to assist the individual in distress and does not stop until the mission is complete.

GEOS Membership Benefits

In addition to monitoring services, GEOS offers a variety of memberships and bundled packages to benefit all customer’s needs, such as: Search & Rescue (SAR), MEDEVAC, GEOS360°, Group SAR, and SAR High-Risk.

Search & Rescue (SAR) – GEOS SAR benefits help cover the cost of resources used for an emergency response incident initiated by a GEOS Supported Device. If a customer requests emergency assistance from the IERCC by pressing the emergency button on their device, they could use their GEOS SAR benefit to help cover the cost of the resources that emergency services used for the rescue.

MEDEVAC – This benefit provides access to repatriation services and coordination from nearly any country worldwide. Any membership holder that is admitted into a hospital can utilize this benefit to be transported to a hospital closer to home or hospital of their choosing. All of which is coordinated by the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC).

GEOS360° – This membership is designed for people that are traveling or working internationally. GEOS360° is a full crisis management resource that offers the ultimate protection in potentially high-risk areas.

last updated: December 2020