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Since 2003, Gedicom is a provider of crisis management and emergency alert system in France and abroad. Our innovating solutions enable our 500 clients' risk, security and safety managers to communicate effectively and thus to ensure their organizational resilience. Moreover, our location-based-solution are focus on Public Warning System.

Gedicom was the first French company in Information Technology services and data processing to carry out a close coupling between mass notification system, databases management system and applying Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The platform relies on a multichannel system that can broadcast messages in all following medias: vocal messages, texts (localized or not), social networks, notifications on apps, e-mails, sirens, etc.

Since 2015, the solution has enabled more than 8,5 million calls and dealt with more than 13 million people. This innovative technology serves as a tool for mass communication to public warning and tackles strategic challenges such as the responsibility in case of major risks. It can also help mobilize the crisis unit and the field teams, as well as give the opportunity to monitor the situation in real-time, using a state-of-the-art platform.

All the solutions have been developed and monitored in-house by our team of engineers. Applications are hosted and managed in Gedicom’s secure infrastructure and meet the highest and strictest standards of security and data confidentiality.

Since 2016, Gedicom is in charge of the Public Warning System in Belgium. This project called Be-Alert makes it possible for the Belgian authorities to deliver instant messages to their citizens in case of an emergency situation. This information is transmitted through many complementary channels. In December 2018, Be-Alert was awarded as remarkable innovation during the 11th event IRISES.

Today, GEDICOM is recognized as one of the leaders in crisis management and alerting systems and strives to achieve a worldwide development by providing the most up-to-date and innovative solutions, especially for Public Warning System.

last updated: July 2020