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Everdrone AB

At Everdrone we see drones as a tool to save human lives. That’s why we are working exclusively with civil applications related to public safety and emergency response. We have a special focus on emergency medical delivery applications that ensures unprecedented response times when it comes to deliver medication or light-weight equipment to an incident site.

In a life or death situation, every second counts. That’s why we’ve developed technology that enables drones to operate with a high degree of autonomy, allowing first responders and other emergency personnel to maintain focus on the task at hand. Our drones can be deployed anywhere in the world and are remotely monitored and controlled from our own Mission Control Centre.

Our services are available through a subscription model with no additional CapEx costs. Dispatchers working with Everdrone’s solutions are coordinating local drone-assisted emergency response missions very much in the same way as they are already doing for the ambulance and helicopters services.

Safety is at the core of everything we do, and we are proud to be one of few companies in the world to be granted permission for beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations in urban environments by a National Aviation Authority (NAA).

System integration

Everdrone’s team of senior software developers are experts in system integration, ready to make drones a natural part of your organisation. Our aim is to minimise the impact on your established way of working and to ensure that any technical integration is as light-weight as possible – usually only requiring a handful of API calls between our drone backend and your dispatch system.

Training and onboarding

Getting started is easy. We’ll work alongside your team throughout the integration process, offering guidance and training support. By integrating Everdrone’s technology in your organisation’s established way of working, dispatchers are typically ready to start using drones as a tool to save lives after just a short introductory training.


At Everdrone, we specialise in managing the regulatory process surrounding advanced drone operations, especially when it comes to operating in populated areas. We obtained our first permit for operations beyond visual line of sight in 2018 and are routinely conducting emergency response missions in urban environments. This expertise allows us to handle all regulatory matters related to flight operation so you can focus on the value that drones can bring to your daily work. 


All communication between our drones and the Mission Control Centre is sent over the mobile network utilising Advanced Encryption Standard 256 – equivalent to military grade level. In the unlikely case of physical tampering with any of our drones, all onboard data is kept safe on encrypted discs. Furthermore, remote wiping is considered a core functionality of our software suite in the case of intrusion or theft

The flight system

By combining world-class proprietary software and vision technology with proven off-the-shelf hardware, Everdrone offers complete drone solutions characterised by autonomy and safety.

If you want to dig deeper in the technical aspects, we recommend scheduling a meeting with us. We’re always happy to grab a physical or virtual coffee and discuss our robust airframe, intelligent route planning, state-of-the-art sense and avoid system, certified Parachute Recovery System, onboard ADS-B technology, precision landing capability, or visual navigation functionality.

last updated: November 2020