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Founded in 2003, Deveryware is a French company that specialises in the design and development of innovative real-time geolocation solutions that rely on an industrial Platform, The GeoHub.

Deveryware’s capacity for innovation, commitment to values of respect for privacy and unprecedented experience and knowledge of the Homeland Security market, make the Company the trusted partner in public safety and security affairs.

Over the last 8 years, Deveryware has gained considerable know-how and expertise in public safety, contributing to multiple European projects involving emergency services. Since 2015, with the NEXES project, Deveryware has created a new platform, GHALE, that powers the services of the PEMEA standard (ETSI TS 103 478), delivering interoperability to emergency Apps, facilitating roaming and improved accessibility to emergency services for citizens experiencing disabilities or impairments. The Deveryware GHALE platform is in commercial deployments with the Emergency Services sector in several European countries. GHALE, as part of the EENA-PEMEA Programme, is helping EU PSAPs and Application Providers to deploy PEMEA using GHALE services (8 countries involved).

Furthermore, GHALE has successfully demonstrated full interoperability of PEMEA core services as well as advanced video calling with several other vendors during the latest ETSI Plug Test NG112. The implementation of both NG112 and PEMEA enables PSAPs to provide the best service to the public. Having both solutions enables the creation of shared and scalable multimedia services, in line with telephony operator networks and internet application provider communication approaches.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a Proof of Concept and find out more about the next integration of your Mobile Emergency App and/or your Emergency Centre with PEMEA.

Deveryware, committed to better security!

last updated: July 2020