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CSAM Public Safety

In emergency response situations, every second counts. Being in the right place with the right resources as fast as possible saves lives, reduces suffering and prevents property damage. All of this requires clear communication and smart management of limited public safety resources. Our complete software solutions provide just that – robust systems for managing every aspect of emergency response.

CSAM Public Safety has been supplying world-class emergency management software systems for more than 35 years – systems in which robustness and superior situational awareness are the key to success.

We provide high performance software products, develop client specific solutions and offer a wide range of professional services that help some of the world’s most technologically advanced customers optimise their operations using real-time geospatial information.

In February 2021, CSAM Health Group AS (“CSAM”), the leading provider of niche eHealth solutions in the Nordics, acquired the Public Safety business of Carmenta Holding AB of Sweden. For more information see: CSAM Health Group AS acquires Carmenta’s Public Safety Business – CSAM – The eHealth Company

Our Customers

Our customers use our High Availability products to build mission critical solutions used in national, regional and local operations within emergency call management, call positioning, resource management, rescue deployment, border surveillance and resource dispatch (ambulance, fire, police, etc.).

CSAM Public Safety have references in several countries, for example, in Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Slovakia, Croatia, Greece, etc. A relevant example is the national multi-agency system in Sweden, which manages, amongst other emergency services, call taking and dispatching for all emergency ambulances in the country.

In summary, we propose to you not only a well proven and true non-stop platform, but a future proof system that is continuously evolving according to the needs of our customers and the public safety industry.

By using the CSAM Public Safety solution, customers become part of an unique international family where experience with the system can be exchanged and new ideas generated for influencing the future direction of our solution.

Depending on the client’s location and requirements, CSAM Public Safety can engage directly with the client or via a trusted system integration partner established close to the client.

Our Highlights

  • 35 years development and operations of Emergency Response Solutions (since 1986)
  • Integrated end-to-end solution covering the complete Emergency Response workflow
  • 100% proven up-time with CSAM Public Safety Continuous Operation technology
  • Large national and regional installations
  • Advanced multi-agency operation in the same system
  • More than 3000 operator seats in live operation today
  • Open solution with large flexibility for adaptation and system integration
  • Highly scalable solutions – build as you grow

Our Approach

Our end-to-end approach is to provide and manage a portfolio of high-quality software products that can be used to build a wide variety of customer specific solutions. Our product approach ensures that our customers have a well proven platform and, with our well-defined portfolio roadmap, a future proof partner for their most critical operations. Moving forward the systems will support more automized functionality to reduce the total time to response, efficient utilization of resources and communication. We are well prepared for the introduction of NG 112 services such as real-time-text, video and total conversation, leveraging our advanced IP based media communication platform.

The portfolio includes:

  • Fully fledged C4IS system that integrates incident and resource management with communication systems, all in a single product
  • Geographical information system (GIS) used in our mission critical solutions.
  • Mobile applications intended for use in rescue vehicles providing full case information, navigation instructions and more information to the first responders leading the rescue operation
  • Resource optimization using best-practice discrete event simulation

Every Second Counts

With the right decision making and resource coordination tools, the emergency response will be faster and more accurate. As efficiency increases, operating costs will start to decrease allowing a substantial saving for society, reduced suffering and lives saved.

Our Offices and Staff

CSAM has 15 offices in seven countries, employing approximately 230 talented individuals. CSAM Public Safety is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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