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Creativity Software (An SS8 company)


Location Intelligence for Emergency Services:

Delivering the Highest Audited Location Accuracy Worldwide

                                                                                                                                                                                          Creativity Software is a global leader in mobile network location intelligence for Emergency Services, delivering the highest accuracy worldwide – consistent, measurable and audited. Our solution “CS LocationWise” provides real-time, historical and mass location intelligence without relying on the device, but can also combine with the device location technology (e.g. GPS) to provide the most accurate location data. We support Emergency Services by offering:

  • The most accurate caller location available – from the network or the device
  • Public Warning Systems – Cell Broadcast and Traceable Disaster Alerts
  • Track & trace – to monitor and control pandemics such as COVID 19

CS LocationWise is a location-based services platform that encompasses the Gateway Mobile Location Center (GMLC), Serving Mobile Location Center (SMLC) and Bulk (Passive) nodes for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks. Our platform is a standards-based software solution that extracts data from the network and uses highly precise algorithms to locate all mobile phones, with patented CS algorithms to significantly improve accuracy.

CS LocationWise supports NG-112 (Europe), NG-911 (USA, Americas) and M/493 architectures; the solution also supports 4G IMS networks with LRF/RDF nodes required to handle emergency calls on LTE networks (VoLTE) as well as VoNR (Voice over New Radio) to enable emergency calls over 5G networks to be located.

CS LocationWise can be provided as a standard cell-id only accuracy GMLC, or high accuracy SMLC/E-SMLC/SAS with optional support for control plane A-GPS and the Creativity Software’s proprietary Accuracy+ very high accuracy network-based location.

Delivering the Most Accurate Mobile Caller Location - From the Network or the Device

As over 75% of emergency calls now come from mobile phones, it is vital for Emergency Services to be able to quickly and accurately locate these callers to rescue them. Therefore, many countries have mandated Mobile Network Operators to provide a caller location service to support Emergency Services in their mission to save lives. However, accurate and fast caller location is a challenge, and many Emergency Services rely on technologies which can only locate the caller within several kilometers (e.g. cell towers) or which lack consistency (e.g. GPS can fail indoors or with bad weather etc.).

Creativity Software delivers location intelligence solutions that combine both device and network-based solutions to quickly calculate the mobile caller’s most accurate position. The solution:

  • Provides the highest accuracy network location available worldwide – consistent, measurable and audited
  • Leverages Advanced Mobile Location (AML) data from Android and Apple devices
  • Supports all PSAP structures (multi-region, multi-number) – Push and Pull requests

Superior AML (Advanced Mobile Location) expertise with a ready-to-use solution

AML-enabled smartphones (Android or iOS) can leverage GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), Wi-Fi or Cell-ID information from the device to send the caller’s location to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), where the emergency calls are answered.

Creativity Software offers a ready-to-use AML solution “CS AMLWise” that allows Emergency Services to receive and decode AML data; and fully integrates with Command and Despatch (CAD) software or other third-party systems that are used by PSAPs. The system can operate as a standalone solution or connect to a mobile network to combine AML and signal data for enhanced location calculation.

CS has superior AML technical expertise and experience, having deployed the solution, and been sponsored by the European Commission since 2016 to examine, test and support the deployment of AML across 7 member states, as part of HELP112 Phase 1 and Phase 2 projects.

The Importance of a Network-based Solution

Whilst AML can help locate emergency callers and even improve the location accuracy to below 50m, an AML only solution is limited in that it is only possible for AML-enabled smartphones and where the PSAPs have AML technology in place.

Despite the rapid growth of smartphones worldwide, many people still have basic phones that would not be located with AML. According to Pew Research Center, this is particularly true in emerging economies where up to 45% of adults do not have a smartphone. This is also true in advanced economies where the proportion of non-smartphone owners can exceed 30% – the elderly population, the most disadvantaged and vulnerable may be particularly affected.

The CS network-based location solution provides the safety net, offering accurate location data for any device and any network technology. For example, in Colombia, CS has been delivering against the highest and strictest accuracy requirements in the world, with a 50-meter network location accuracy, which is more than sufficient to direct emergency vehicles to a critical incident.

Delivering Public Warnings: Cell Broadcast & Traceable Disaster Alerts

In light of the natural disasters, terrorist attacks and health crises that have been afflicting the world, many governments are mandating Mobile Network Operators to deploy new Public Warning Systems (PWS) to help safeguard the public more effectively. The EU has also issued a directive for its member states to implement, by 21st June 2022, PWS that can easily be received by end-users within the area of concern.

Creativity Software understands that the management of such events requires more than a simple message to all mobile devices. By extending the capabilities from outgoing message to movement tracking and follow-up messages, the emergency services are empowered with the tools and information that allow them to manage what can be complex and frightening situations for the public.

We offer the two types of PWS that are recommended by the European Emergency Number Association (EENA) to effectively reach people in a specific area, on their mobile phones:

  • CS Cell Broadcast: a location-based broadcasting platform that can send alerts to millions in seconds and works even during network congestion, with no user interaction required and the capability to broadcast across multiple channels. It is a next-generation Public Warning System that is compliant with the 3GPP and Emergency notification standards. It is a proven solution, with Tier 1 Mobile Operator references and multi-network national deployments.
  • CS Traceable Disaster Alerts: a location-based SMS system that can identify the number of subscribers in the area, send SMS alerts, confirm message delivery, and further alert people entering or not moving from the area at risk. It helps optimise the emergency response efforts by enabling them to gather intelligence on the effectiveness of the warning, monitor the incident area and track the affected population movements.
  • A hybrid solution: Whilst the two systems can be bought and used separately, integrating them helps to manage disasters more effectively. For instance, the Cell Broadcast system can send a message to the public asking them to move away from an incident; CS Traceable Disaster Alerts can then identify the number of subscribers who are still present in the affected area and send targeted SMS to further encourage action, message delivery can be confirmed, and individual device locations can be tracked in real-time.

Enabling Track & Trace - to Monitor and Control Pandemics

Today the entire world has fallen victim to the Covid-19 virus – and governments across the globe keep fighting to control and curb the spread of this virus. The need to rise to this challenge is urgent as the virus is destroying many lives and forcing governments to restrict people’s movement, which has had devastating effects on businesses, economies, and people’s mental health.

Understanding the spread of the virus in real time would enable governments to make better decisions, to optimise restrictions when necessary, and to ultimately curb the spread of the virus as early as feasible. However, this is a complex process and has so far been a struggle for governments. The ability to have a granular, real time understanding of how the population behaves, moves, and responds to restrictions offers an answer to the issue.

Creativity Software offers a proven, end-to-end solution for this, enabling governments to effectively track, trace and analyse the movements of populations to better respond to pandemics such as Covid-19 and to control the spread of infectious diseases.

Beyond Regulation: Enabling Operators to Monetise Location Intelligence

Many Operators have an obligation to deploy a network-based location solution to support Emergency Services. While fulfilling their duty, Mobile Operators can also leverage this investment to generate new revenue opportunities based on location services.

CS Location Intelligence solutions are being used by Operators to enable multiple commercial services and new business models. Furthermore, although some countries have a low accuracy location mandate for Emergency Services, being able to provide high accuracy emergency caller location can be used as a competitive advantage for an Operator and provide additional commercial benefits.

When it comes to location intelligence, Creativity Software has the technical expertise to implement a 5G ready solution that will deliver superior results to meet both regulatory and business goals.

Creativity Software is a Recognised Expert in Mobile Location Intelligence

Creativity Software (CS) has been trusted by Mobile Network Operators, Emergency Services and Governments for over 16 years, across 5 continents, covering more than 700 million subscribers:

  • We deliver against the highest and strictest accuracy requirements in the world e.g. in Colombia, with a consistent and audited 50 meter network location accuracy.
  • Our caller location solution supports the UK 999 emergency services, among many others
  • Operators keep choosing CS LocationWise to replace their existing location solution. The main reasons stated were our 5G and Cloud capabilities, reliability, technological advances, superior support levels and capability to deliver both regulatory and commercial use cases.

Creativity Software has also been playing a key role in industry developments:

  • CS launched the first commercial Location Based Service in the UK in 2004 with a family finder service.
  • CS helped to shape and define the first Code of Practice for Location Based Services – serving on the Steering Committee of the UK Code of Practice for Location Based Services in conjunction with the Home Office, the Association of Chief Police Officers, the UK Mobile Operators and Children’s Charities.
  • CS has been an Advisory Board Member of EENA Since 2011
  • We have been sponsored by the European Commission since 2016 to examine, test and support the deployment of AML (Advanced Mobile Location) across 7 member states, as part of HELP112 Phase 1 and Phase 2 projects.

All these are an acknowledgment of our superior expertise. We truly understand the technical, commercial and legal framework within which Location Based Services can be deployed. We are the recognised industry expert.

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last updated: July 2022