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Creativity Software

Emergency services require location information to support all aspects of their work: 112 caller location - using AML and also with mobile network data as a safety net; track and trace – for COVID19 and whatever follows; emergency alerts/reverse 112; lawful investigations.

Creativity Software (CS) is a European company that specializes in providing precise, accurate and reliable caller location technology – for nearly 20 years. Advisory board member of EENA since 2010.

With systems installed across 5 continents, covering more than half a billion subscribers, our software platforms provide high-accuracy mobile location to help Emergency Services, Law Enforcement and Mobile Network Operators alike.

Caller Location 

There are two methods – and we support both.

The Google Android and Apple iOS operating systems can send Advanced Mobile Location (AML) data during an emergency call. This means that GNSS and WiFi data from the phone can be used to support the emergency services. CS has – since 2016 - been sponsored by the EC to examine, test and support the deployment of AML across 7 member states. This project (HELP112 Phase 1 and Phase 2) highlights the technical expertise of CS.

AML is great but is not foolproof, and a network based solution is necessary – for non-smart phones and also where AML is unable to generate a location. IN some of the countries we have tested, this proportion is as high as 50%.  Our network based solutions provide the safety net – e.g. in Colombia CS has been delivering against the strictest accuracy requirements in the world since 2015. This 50 metre requirement is more than sufficient to direct emergency vehicles to a critical incident. This illustrates how your needs for location data can be met, regardless of technology constraints within your country.

Track & Trace

Observation of the change in population movements, analysis of trend data across populations relative to their mobility is a critical element in managing national responses to pandemics. This data is available from the mobile networks, and our technology already manages, anonymizes and processes it in the UK. The quality of the picture is illustrated by the fact that we process 20 billion records a day – all of which combine to enable actionable insights for health and emergency services.

Public Warning

By June 2022 all the EU Member States must introduce effective & modern Public Warning systems.

CS has the technology and technical experience to assist you in this implementation. In the UK in 2013, a Government project was launched to complete a series of trials in partnership with three of the UK’s Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and emergency responders to assess different methods of achieving this. National and local communications campaigns were held to ensure people in the participating areas were aware of the nature and purpose of the trials.  Our technology reflects the findings of these trials – using Location-Based SMS alerts - meaning that you benefit from the work done over the past 6 years.

Our system maintains awareness of the location of all subscribers, at all times, across all networks – so that those within an area at risk can be identified in real-time.

last updated: July 2020