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Corti is designed to empower medical professionals, both in EMS and more general medicine, to combat loss of life and suffering by improving their speed and accuracy in triaging and diagnosis, in numbers previously unthinkable.

Corti leverages its artificial intelligence, and specifically real-time natural language processing, to listen in on emergency calls and patient interviews to assist the calltaker or any healthcare professionals to identify the often subtle signs of critical illnesses, such as cardiac arrest. By identifying similar patterns between live call data and information from thousands of previous medical interviews, our AI looks for verbal and non-verbal patterns in the communication, such as a caller’s tone, or information on whether the subject is breathing or not. The healthcare professionals ends up with clear advice from Corti during the interview, enabling them to make faster and more qualified decisions and reduce errors.

Publications from Copenhagen Emergency Department has showed that Corti is able to identify cardiac arrest more quickly — 44 seconds to be precise — and more accurately than humans. In the most extensive study to date, on 108,607 danish emergency calls, Corti reduced the amount of undetected cardiac arrests by 43%, and it was significantly quicker too, recognizing the most relevant signs 25% faster than the human call-taker could alone.

Now, Corti has begun expanding to more telemedicine services, trying to reach more healthcare professionals to augment by assisting with more tasks than triaging, such as mapping and analyzing the regions environment and providing the region’s patients with appropriate applications to self-assess before contacting a public-safety answering point.

By using our machine learning model, we can use big data to reduce the prevalence of misdiagnosis in our society and improve processes, providing patients with better, faster medical outcomes. We can support new breakthroughs in medical research by allowing researchers to have access to rich and varied data sources. Overall, we strive to contribute to creating a world in which people feel safer and healthier than ever before. Corti’s vision is that every person on earth is able to have access to the best and most informed medical assessments and, that every medical professional will have AI-based expert agent augmenting them as they diagnose patients.

We at Corti are proudly partnered with EENA to pilot our AI across Europe. If you are a public-safety answering point, interested in piloting cutting edge decision-support technology, please reach out to us on our website,

last updated: December 2020