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Celltick Technologies

At a Glance

Founded in 2000, Celltick is the world’s largest cell broadcast-based products provider and a global leader of mobile Public Warning Systems. Our products have been adopted by several governments and over 70 mobile operators across 5 continents and deliver alerts globally to hundreds of millions of users daily.

Celltick’s dynamic and unique flagship MAGEN® (Mass Alert Geo Emergency Notifications) suite of products provides a wide range of alerts delivery channels as well as a control and management system that are especially designed for government agencies, mobile operators and enterprises. 

Celltick’s MAGEN® enables alerts delivery within seconds to unlimited subscribers, in real-time and based on location. It supports tens of languages and it is deployed across networks with thousands of RAN controllers and over multiple time zones. MAGEN® adapts to the specific needs of each entity via a variety of delivery channels, including cell broadcast, location-based SMS, customized native apps, unique SIM based applet and also beyond mobile on TV, radio, billboards, desktop alerts, IVR, email and others. 

Celltick’s customers include the IDS (Israel Defence Forces), government of India,  Vodafone-Idea, Airtel, BSNL, Beeline, Telia, Bite, Tele2, America Movil, Globe Telecom, Taiwan Mobile, Taiwan Star, APT, Mobifone, Dialog, Mobitel, VNM and many others.

Our Products

MAGEN® suite’s main components are:

MAGEN® CBC – Cell Broadcast Center

With MAGEN® CBC’s “Write once, publish to all” technology, real-time location-based alerts are broadcast and delivered, without the need for a data plan or internet connection during natural disasters or national emergencies.  During crucial times, networks are usually heavily congested.  Instead, MAGEN® CBC is not at all affected as it connects directly to the RAN (Radio Access Networks) part of the network.

Celltick also provides a unique patented interactive cell broadcast solution (ICB) that allows citizens to respond to the emergency alerts with a single click, enabling emergency units to receive infographic views of the situation, and thereby identifying the largest group of people who need assistance. 

MAGEN® CBC supports all RAN vendors including: Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, ZTE and other established vendors. It is congruent with all types of networks – 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G. MAGEN® CBC can be used on top of other existing CBCs to support newer types of networks.

MAGEN® CBC also supports all kinds of redundancy levels including LHA (Local High Availability) and geo redundancy. It can be deployed over bare metal or on a cloud/VM. MAGEN® CBC can be implemented either in centralized or distributed topologies, and it complies with all industry standards including EU-alert, CMAS and CAP.

MAGEN® Location-Based SMS

MAGEN® LB-SMS is primarily designed for the emergency and public safety sectors, by operating as a stand-alone service or working alongside with cell broadcast with its effectiveness in ensuring that alerts reach the intended audience rapidly and efficiently with nearly 100% coverage. 

MAGEN® LB-SMS provides an integrative solution to network operators’ systems, by extracting location data effectively from the available network elements. Celltick’s LB-SMS interfaces with various systems used by network operators and is able to extract location data without slowing or congesting the systems during emergencies, whilst following up in real-time where the alerts were transmitted and if received.

By applying location data extrapolated from the network, location-based messages can be sent as a point-to-point SMS communication in real-time to all users in a known area, without identifying the individual users, thereby guarding privacy concerns.  Once the alert has been transmitted, MAGEN® LB-SMS provides immediate delivery acknowledgement and is equipped with all imperative dashboards and reports required for the control and management of the system, additionally providing different levels of performance as per the requirements of the entity.

MAGEN® Command Post

The MAGEN® system is modular, and each module communicates via CAP (Common Alerting Protocol). All alerts via MAGEN® delivery channels are yet managed by Celltick’s unique single control and management system – the Command Post.   

The MAGEN® Command Post is a central alerts creation, control and management tool for all MAGEN® delivery channels. It is a fully fledged CBE (Cell Broadcast Entity) that in addition to the CBC, also correlates with all other MAGEN® products, starting from location-based SMS all the way through the variety of MAGEN® apps, including desktop alerts, email and IVR.

Primarily used by government entities, public and educational institutions, the Command Post’s state-of-the-art graphical user interface includes all features required for rapid and easy operation. The Command Post supports pre-defined alerts libraries, pre-defined areas list, various map technologies, layers, roles and permissions, allowing customization for protocols and permissions of the customer and their specific roles and responsibilities. Also, the required dashboards and reports are provided for close monitoring of the alert via the delivery channels.

Whilst alerts may be activated manually, the Command Post can also connect to external monitoring devices e.g. earthquake, tsunami or flood sensors.  The Command Post allows for advance preparation and readiness for all fundamentals required in an emergency and so when the situation arises, alerts and protocols are easily and rapidly activated.

Additional MAGEN® delivery channels.

  • Native Apps - for Android, iOS, and Windows
  • SIM Alerts – a unique SIM-based alerting app for mass notification
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Billboards
  • Desktop – a dedicated client with pop-up alerts
  • Email – pre-configured email alerts
  • IVR – pre-recorded voice alarm

Celltick’s Unique Advantages

  • The world’s largest cell broadcast provider
  • 21 years of industry experience in very large projects
  • We provide all in-house elements that are required for the overall system
  • State-of-the-art and friendly GUI
  • Very fast time to market.

last updated: June 2021