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Carbyne is the global innovation leader in public safety technology.  Our company unifies the flow of life-saving information to emergency call centers (ECCs) onto one simple platform.

By using Carbyne’s innovative cloud-native tools like live video, instant chat, dynamic location, and more, ECCs can fully connect to an incident and share the information with emergency units, which increases its response efficiency and ultimately saves lives every day.

Carbyne’s solution is solving one of the most challenging aspects in public safety today: the aggregation of data and audio input into a single platform. Rather than following the siloed nature of operations in an ECC in which every solution requires an added screen (therefore also adding a layer of work onto the shoulders of the call taker), Carbyne’s solution simplifies the work flow into one UI.

Apex has the ability to perform full call handling functions, receiving AML, video, chat, speech to text, notes, and much more all in a single screen solution.

Carbyne’s platform has a strategic importance in the local and state level as well. Aside from providing the ability to reduce response time and improve response efficiency, it also enables more optimized and strategic operations. 

Our cloud native platform creates an environment in which information, statistics, and insight can drive better operations. Carbyne's analytics tools provide live, critical information like PSAP performance, call density by category, caller’s health related symptoms, or natural disaster hit points which then enables every emergency operation from local to state levels to shift resources to where they are needed most. This means that the same man hours, number of ambulances, amount of police units, etc can be strategically placed to maximize operations at every level. 

Additionally, Carbyne's rich CRM enables access to unlimited videos, photos, and notes which provides better situational awareness to the decision makers.

Ultimately, Carbyne's solution enables decision makers to enjoy unprecedented visibility, transparency, and accessibility to information in a unified way which creates an emergency network synergy that drives local data to the state level and therefore enables state officials to make informed decisions when managing a crisis or resources.

Carbyne’s cloud native solution enables each state to deploy up to 1000 c-Live Universe licenses a day on top of any call handling or dispatch platform (system agnostic).

last updated: December 2020