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Carbyne provides cloud-based call management solutions to improve emergency collaboration and bridge the communication gaps between PSAPs, emergency callers and first responders.

Carbyne is the largest global emergency location services provider, delivering over 155M location data points per year, and already covering over 400M people worldwide. The company’s solutions can be deployed remotely, and globally, within minutes and can triple PSAP communication channels by adding patented HD video to 9-1-1 and text to 9-1-1 capabilities.

As a pioneer in video and instant messaging to 9-1-1, Carbyne delivers over 1M live video minutes between callers and emergency call centers, and an unprecedented amount of secured and verified instant messages to 9-1-1.

The company also has nine patents giving Carbyne exclusive ownership of some of the most breakthrough and innovative technology in public safety.

Carbyne’s platforms automate manual data collection processes while providing a complete call management system and incident data management capabilities that PSAPs have never had before.

The two primary offerings from Carbyne are APEX and c-Live Universe.

APEX, the cloud-based call management platform, was built to be the sole call management solution any call center would ever need. It was designed with the cutting-edge features of today and built to be updated and improved upon as technology advances. APEX provides PSAPs with next generation features like: real-time caller location, patented live video to 9-1-1, text to 9-1-1, instant chat, natural language processing, a real time Caller Aided Dispatch (CAD) API, and Z-axis location technology and more, all on one screen. It is a revolutionary call management platform that while offering dozens of next generation features, simplifies the call taking and dispatch processes.

APEX also provides next generation analytics and data management capabilities that PSAPs haven’t had before. These new features can help PSAPs and first responders save more lives, enhance training programs, and improve dispatch response accuracy. APEX is based on the AWS GovCloud and provides advanced insights to help PSAPs collaborate with one another -- reducing jurisdictional and communication issues -- and improving complex incident management on a unified platform, with a single flow of data management between agencies.

c-Live Universe dramatically upgrades the location and communication capabilities of a PSAP immediately upon installation. Universe works together with CAD software to provide real-time caller location, live HD video and instant chat with 9-1-1 capabilities for emergency call centers. The platform drastically improves time to dispatch and helps emergency telecommunicators focus on the emergency call by automating manual data collection.

Universe’s real-time caller location capabilities can improve location accuracy from 1500 meters to within 5 meters and its verified instant chat capabilities allow emergency callers to discreetly communicate with 9-1-1 when making any noise could be dangerous. When PSAPs have Universe, they can allow emergency callers to share their cell phone camera view to show them the emergency instead of only describing it.

Carbyne’s solutions provide 9-1-1 call centers with all the capabilities they need to save more lives, reduce time-to-dispatch and improve first responder safety. The next generation capabilities, from Carbyne’s offerings, help emergency call centers and first responders communicate more fluidly and transform emergency response operations. Carbyne provides emergency call centers the technology, capabilities and insights they need to prepare for the emergencies of the future.

last updated: June 2021