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BISS is privately owned Croatian company, situated in Zagreb, where we bring programming and telco expertise to business perfection. We do it by delivering projects and solutions mainly for telecom companies, system integrator companies and logistics companies. We have more than ten years of experience in telco industry.

Solutions we developed deal with mobile subscriber alerting, GDPR and consent management.

We offer software development and implementation services based on open source technologies. We are experienced in the development of backend systems and web applications in Java technologies. Besides, we also develop frontend systems and mobile applications.

You can utilize our expertise through implementation of following solution & products:

HAVEN Reverse 112 (Location based public safety system)

Majority of the world’s countries don’t have a centralized platform to manage and control a crisis while keeping people informed and enabling instant feedback to crisis management responsible. With the development of technology and the increase of potential hazards (man-made or natural) towards mankind, the need for a modern public warning system arose. As with any protective system, communication tools and the speed with which they can be used are essential in preventing an outbreak of panic, the spread of false information, or crises of confidence. HAVEN enables public safety operators to detect an incident, monitor its progress, prevent emerging threats, protect and inform the people in the affected area and respond by managing the situation or the incident. The value and benefit of HAVEN is saving lives and providing the right information at the right time to anyone who may be exposed to real danger. HAVEN is an ICT system integrated with mobile network operators (MNOs) to allow public safety organizations to detect, monitor and respond to crises. It uses mobile equipment network location to quickly identify an arising incident and provide a better operational picture of the threat, scale of endangered people and required response. By using Reverse 112 technology, HAVEN enables fast and reliable alerting of people in a specific geographic area chosen by the public safety operator. Data gathered from MNOs enables HAVEN to accumulate information from the feedback of notified users as well as insight to the population movement as a closed loop feedback. That information can be used to get a clear insight into the development of the crisis management and guide operators to make correct decisions.

HAVEN key components are HAVEN Bridge, HAVEN Beacon & HAVEN Beam. Our product is highly adjustable to any specific country requirement.

HAVEN Bridge ensures structured and efficient communication between all involved parties, while HAVEN Beacon allows for anonymized tracking of the behaviour of the affected population. HAVEN Beam centralizes all communication channels (SMS, Cell Broadcast) to enable operators to alert the population from a single portal.

You can view the Haven Reverse 112 solution here:


Identity guards enables us to process data from various sources (streams, files, databases, …), those data sets are reduced with powerful, yet simple filtering system (rules, consent, blacklist). Data can be enriched from other sources (e.g.CRM),files can be transformed (CSV, XML, JSON, …). Personal identifiable information (PII) is protected with powerful anonymization techniques. Data is aggregated and common identities are grouped in order to strengthen privacy. Data owner’s consent is enforced, and compliance is managed by recording all actions while providing audit trail. Anonymization of PII data can be reversed securely. Streams and data processing flows can be configured via intuitive administration GUI. Progress monitoring is in real time.


Manage personally identifiable information (PII) data your organization processes, manage legal basis for processing, manage processing purposes and owner’s data processing systems, manage PII data exchange with external parties. Record of all processing activities is ensured by audit log. Manage business users, processing owners, their rights, permissions via an intuitive and user-friendly GUI. Easily monitor and create reports.

Enable data subject to exercise their rights in a transparent and user-friendly way:

Right of access

Right of rectification

Right to erasure

Right to restriction of processing

Right to object to processing

Right to export

Provide overview of all processing purposes, including legal basis for processing. Consents can be viewed and managed. Processing Owner can manage processing purpose and manage data subject’s consent (by defining consent types, by defining consent request in a clear and precise way and by collecting and recording data subject’s responses).You can import/export data from/to other IT systems. Real time integration with other IT systems, such as CRM. Enable GDPR related business processes across the organization.


Video notifications system delivers personalized notifications to clients via RCS, SMS, email or through mobile application. It uses standard technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript. Video notifications system can be used in telco, banking or insurance industries, wherever report or bill needs in-depth but simple clarifications, and can be spiced with top-up offers. Also, this is great channel to deliver surveys or you can start custom development project that will be delivered on time with us.

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last updated: June 2021