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Avaya is a global leader in communications systems for enterprises and organisations of any size.

Avaya and our partners are crafting comprehensive solutions to meet the increasingly complex multi-channel communications and that are critical for successful implementations of Next Generation Emergency Services. Avaya’s core contributions to Next Generation Emergency Services supporting distributed, consolidated and integrated Emergency Services and Public Safety environments are centred around our competencies in:

  • Contact routing and treatment (Voice, Video, SMS, Text & IM, IoT, Social Media)
  • Intelligent contact filtering and prioritization to avoid resource overload and enable adequate and efficient incident treatment
  • Application integration into Command and Control room applications, rich interaction between media streams and application logic
  • Drone video streaming integrations, supporting manual flight (Visual Line of Sight VLOS) as well as automated flight (Beyond Visual Line of Sight BVLOS).
  • Single site on-premise implementations as well as multi-data centre private, public and hybrid cloud deployments, covering small regions up to national rollouts

As Governments and Public Safety Institutions build the network required for Next Generation Emergency Services, Avaya is ready to provide solutions today, across all required communication channels. Government institutions of all sizes can continue to depend on Avaya for state-of-the-art communications that improve efficiency, collaboration, and services to citizens.

Avaya understand that Next Generation Emergency Services is a desired end state that helps to solve many current challenges. We also see from recent customer interactions that many organisations see the challenge in getting to that end state without neglecting current landscapes. Avaya’s platforms do support customers to migrate from where they stand today into the new world of public safety communications and interactions, including current hot topics like:

  • ISDN-to-SIP migration
  • Internet of Things, sensor and apps integration
  • Infrastructure and services security
  • Cloud-based services in public safety

Avaya’s team of seasoned experts in public safety and emergency services is ready to get in touch with you to explore a new dimension in public safety communication, collaboration and interaction!

last updated: August 2021