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Attentive Quadrant Sdn Bhd

Attentive Quadrant Sdn Bhd (AQSB) is a full fledge multi-discipline Information Technology company that is fast emerging IT company in Malaysia. We develop and customize software to Client's unique requirements. We are pioneering in-house software development that includes Uniqlog, Cognisense and Document Central Solution. Having a team with more than a decade long experience in Customer Software Development, we believe that we can realise our client’s application software solution needs. We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements in achieving their objectives, customizing solutions according to their expectations.

Key Products Highlights

  • Cognisense; a Cloud-Based Intelligent Monitoring System which includes: Temperature, Humidity, Power loss detection, Current sensor measurement, Smoke detector, Water leak, Log and historical usage patterns on server room, generate notifications for early detection and alerts. Advanced analytics such as rate of change analysis, anomaly detection is being used to help provide insights and early warnings to the customer.
  • Uniqlog; a logging management intelligence system that automatically consolidates data from multiple devices and manages them in a central repository, ie. using Hadoop Big Data ecosystem. Administrators provides the convenience of monitoring to prevent down time by early detection of critical areas.
  • Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System Plus (TACACS+) system solution to manage security aspects of Authentication, Authorization and Accounting for terminal access control of network devices, typically routers in large networks for Telco companies, some which consists of up to 30,000 devices. Our solution can handle multiple types and brands of routers or any other devices required by our customer, as well as supporting IPV6 Addresses. All the configurations are easily managed through our customized web interface and systematic password flow and management. Multiple instances and a Centralized Control Management (CCM) Web Server provides users with High Availability as well as a single point of configuration, management, and reporting.
  • MyDoma; is an easy-to-use document management solution that allows businesses to control the production, storage, management and distribution of electronic documents. MyDOMA transforms your manual system by capturing information from paper documents and converting it into digital formats. It is also cloud-based, granting you more flexibility compared to a local network.


Key Project Highlights

  • Integrated Forecasting Gas Optimization (IGFO) Systems. The system is used to forecast gas production on 56 wells that is managed by Sarawak Gas
  • Corporate Sector Equity Database Version 2 (CSED V2) Application System. The system involved complex calculation and analysis of Companies Shares, Net Asset Value and PAR Value using SSM Data, JPN Data and Bursa Data.
  • AbleAce Raakin Integrated Islamic Murabahah System (ARIIMS). Developed a web based commodity murabahah system that includes commodity stocks such as Crude Palm Oil (CPO), Rubber, etc. Core functions of this system are to handle commodity transactions between Asset Suppliers, Customers (Banks, Trading Companies, etc) and Counter Party (Purchaser Agents). Reporting consists of Monthly Summary Report, Daily Stock In-Hand, Purchaser Request, Seller Offer, Purchaser Acceptance, Holding Certificate and Delivery Order. Currently the system is being used by 50 banks from 9 countries.
  • Integrated Production and Forecasting Environment (IPFE) Migration Project. Migration of IPFE Engine from IBM PSeries AIX 4.3 platform to Red Hat Intel on VMware environment, redevelop C++ Engine and Libraries to increase performance as well as enable virtualization capabilities and reduce calculation time of scenario forecasting from 6 hours to less than 1 hour. 
  • As-Built Drawing Management System (ADAMS). Re-Engineering of ADAMS for PLUS Berhad. Web based As- Built Drawing Management System for Projek Lebuhraya Utara Selatan Berhad (PLUS) the main scope are Data migration from existing As built management system to the new database and to update data source Metadata by using OCR features Indexing Engine tuning.

last updated: December 2022