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AnthroPi, is a society based on an ethical and humanist charter, aims to improve and secure the handling of emergency calls.

By bringing together call takers skills, emergency physicians, cognitive psychologists, sound engineers and IT developers, we worked on emergency call detailed understanding to create the first telephone simulator: SimulPhone ©.

Already used by many call centers, SimulPhone © has proven reliability, validity and high level of practicality. Able to train call takers on similar calls, it provides real time answers to each one questioning. Coupled with a simulation evaluation, SimulPhone © rates the alert quality processing, verifies the objectives achievement and improves debriefing efficiency. During our learning session, we are able to train call takers to the required and expected skills through specific audio or cognitive workshops. We also produce a team effectiveness analysis that reflects the group’s global and cognitive behavior.

Our solution allows the alert treatment evaluation, the control of fixed objectives achievement and the communication in crisis situation increasing calls quality and security.

As an evolution SimulPhone ©, SimulCrise © is a tool to train call center teams in crisis management. AnthroPi performed the first simulated crisis in an emergency call center in 2019, and allowed all levels to play their own decision-making role. Our team of experts is able to create scenarios on demand, in various fields, to train actors and test the operational response in order to constantly adapt to emerging risks.

last updated: June 2020